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Alexis Cuadrado: A Bassist in New York

By Published: September 30, 2013
AAJ: Going back to your original statement, though, that you felt a moral obligation to put this forward as a protest, does that translate...

AC: I can't answer your question. I know where you are going. I don't know. Here it is, it is out in the world. I felt it was a good decompression for me to do this. I felt an obligation to voice my protest as an artist and as a human being, as a musician. And I did. That is that. What happens after that, happens. If Occupy Wall Street takes it as their anthem, O.K. I have no idea what the mission of this is. In a way, it is a very selfish thing. This is what I feel I have to do, and I did it, and that was that.

AAJ: But there is a long tradition of that in jazz—as you reminded us at the beginning. Of combining that personal artistic moment with the personal moment of protest.

AC: Yes. I think protest music is important. That is why I did it. I can't judge it beyond that.

Photo Credit:
John Rogers; poem provided courtesy of artist

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