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Frank Tusa Quartet at the Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society

By Published: September 1, 2013
As the evening drew to a close with Dizzy Gillespie
Dizzy Gillespie
Dizzy Gillespie
1917 - 1993
's powerful "Bebop," Gale took the lead, always blowing, careening through the notes, popping them out with the finesse of a master and even, sometimes, with Gillespie's signature puffy cheeks. Saunders rose to the occasion as the featured player and came through with beautiful, powerful, quick-fingered runs over the keys, hitting nice and smooth and putting forth his best while, over on the drums, Lateano hit hard and worked in his cymbals over the top. Within this musical flurry, Tusa took a bass solo, hitting on all strings, fluidly running the full neck of his instrument and giving the audience a master's work of art. Additionally, when Tusa was on, enjoying the piece 100% as he was with this tune, he had a wonderful smile that went right along with the music. Tusa and Lateano took the number out, ending it with some arco bass and Lateano, when stepped right in behind, wrapping it up smooth and easy.

With the final notes played, the audience rose to its feet and gave Tusa's quartet a rousing applause, peppered here and there with calls for more. Truly, this tribute to Chet Baker was a huge success, and if Baker had been there he well may have been awestruck by the performance of these four jazz masters.

Photo Credit

Jim Bourne

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