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Warren Wolf: Beyond Perfect Pitch

By Published: August 20, 2013
WW: I'm trying to work on it now, because I've released my first record last year, on the Mack Avenue label. The next one will be recorded February and March, two different bands. It's just about getting the right team together, in order to push me and it takes the promoter of the club to actually believe in that person, give them a chance. So it's a matter of what happens on that end. Then there's another side, there's other sides I want to conquer, I want to get back on the classical side of music. There was a point in time where I thought about moving to L.A., play R&B and pop music because I like that style of music too. I remember about four years ago I got an offer to join Ne-Yo's band, playing drums.

GC: Really? Wow.

WW: I got the offer; I'd rather just play straight-ahead... at that point in time.

GC: I bet is pays better with Christian.

WW: Probably, because I've heard those R&B gigs pay at the max like 500 bucks.

GC: I've heard that. Because then you can get anyone to do it.

WW: The thing about those R&B gigs... not all, but the majority of them, you get more things quicker. Endorsements quicker, life might be better depending on who you are. You get to travel on your tour bus; you get to wear regular street clothes on the gig, access to a lot of different women, if you're that type of person.

GC: Want me to keep that in there?

WW: Sure.

GC: [laughs] Well I think that's why a lot of young people will do that, because they're still out there having fun. ]Signal to go onstage...] Oh, we're ready? Alright. I think that's good.

WW: You sure? We could do more over the break. I've got a lot to say, man.

GC: Actually, my saxophone student has to transcribe this. So this should be good.

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