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Dennis Rea: Zero-G and the Sea Prog Festival

By Published: August 21, 2013
We are aware that there are people out there that probably felt left out. Just yesterday somebody posted on the Sea Prog page on Facebook: "Why weren't this band on the bill? They are so fantastic." The only answer I had to that was: because we had never heard of them. So I would advise people in that kind of a situation who want to get involved to do a little outreach. Outreach doesn't just mean reaching out to people who are organizing festivals and asking for a gig. It also means making yourself an active member of the community and showing your face at other people's gigs. Again, we are trying to overcome a tendency of people to kind of clump into different separate groups in this town who are jealous of each other. We don't want any more of that. I would say that those people who took a chance on Sea Prog that are people that we never saw before, they went home satisfied. They had a great time, they made new friends, they realized that we are not bad guys. We are not trying to monopolize the scene.

My advice to any hopefuls is get involved. Show your face at other people's gigs. Let us know you are out there. Let us check you out. Don't just remain in isolation and complain about never getting any gigs. Another thing, though, that has to be borne in mind when we are booking something like this is that it costs money to put on a festival like that. It costs a considerable amount of money. We want to raise enough money to be able to pay the musicians well. If you want to play on our festival but you have no draw because you are basically playing in your bedroom all of the time at some place way out in the suburbs, musically what you are doing might be very compelling, but there is an expectation that you are going to bring some people to the festival; to participate in making this a success.

Selected Discography

Dennis Rea/Wally Shoup/Tom Zgonc, Subduction Zone (Nunatak, 2012)

Moraine, Metamorphic Rock (Moonjune Records, 2011)

Dennis Rea, Views From Chicheng Precipice (Moonjune Records, 2010)

Iron Kim Style, Iron Kim Style (Moonjune Records, 2010)

Moraine, manifest deNsity (Moonjune Records, 2009)

Stackpole, Stackpole (First World Music, 2001)

Photo Credit

Steve Kennedy-Williams

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