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Fusion Groovin’

By Published: July 13, 2013
But it's more than a raging funk monster. "East St. Louis," six minutes on Present Tense, expands to more than twenty here. After a duet with Bailey, White slips the band into a jazzy groove, which Ledford's trumpet stabs and gores like one of St. Louis' most famous homegrown talents, Miles Davis
Miles Davis
Miles Davis
1926 - 1991
. "Wolfbane" adds multiple, unison horns to a frantic but colorful fusion melody, and brings the house down with White's closing solo, which sounds like Bonham and Buddy Rich
Buddy Rich
Buddy Rich
1917 - 1987
simultaneously discovering the same style.

Patrice Rushen's magnificent playing—in "Whew!," Bailey's "Pic Pocket" and "Wolfbane"—was an absolute revelation for me. I knew Rushen is a great musician; I did not know that she is a great jazz musician.

"My biggest impression of this great record is that while you may have heard all of us before, you've never heard us sound exactly like this. That's chemistry," Bailey's notes continue. "This is a great example of something Lenny and I discuss often, which is FUSION. This is our fusion. Not a million notes, not showing off how much chops we have, but 'fusing' our jazz knowledge and contemporary music knowledge together to create GREAT MUSIC."

"Many special musical moments are only memories for those fortunate enough to have witnessed the live event," wrote White. "We all thought this was special and now we share it with you."

Tracks and Personnel:

Hurricane Season in Brooklyn

Tracks: Free; Hurricane Season in Brooklyn; Let the Music Play; I Can't Wait; Dance Hall Days; Just a Day; The Hippie Don' Know; Money Street Rain; Moments Combine.

Personnel: Amon: percussion, tambourine, steps, claps, glockenspiel, bells, cheeky organ; Sean "Tricky" Dixon: drum kit; B. Satz: bass; Ethan White: piano, electric piano, organ, Hammond organ, synthesizer, synth bass, Juno 60, Wurlitzer, vox synthesizer; Cecilia Stalin: vocals; Dave "Smoota" Smith: trombone; Will Jones: tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone; Jonathan Powell: trumpet, valve trombone; Mark "Tewar" Tewarson: guitar, bass; Scott Kettner: drum kit, bells; Jordan Scannella: bass; John Natchez: tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone; Ezra Brown: tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone; Jkriv: bass.

BoB: a palindrome

Tracks: 3 for Lawrence; Picked from Nick; Big Queen; Tigers on Venus; Middle Passage Suite Part I—For Those of Us Who Made It; Part II—For Those of Us That Didn't Make It; Part III—For Those of Us Still Here; Little Queen; Indiscreet in da Street; Jamming—a.k.a. Ichabod.

Personnel: Robert Hurst: acoustic bass; Branford Marsalis: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone; Jeff "Tain" Watts: drums; Marcus Belgrave: trumpet, flugelhorn; Adam Rudolph: percussion; Bennie Maupin: alto flute, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone; Robert Glasper: acoustic piano, Rhodes.

Dictionary 2

Tracks: Paradox; Stravinsky (with Bach intro); Future; Don Juan; Bilker 3; Etude Indienne; Miles Away; Transparansi.

Personnel: Adi Darmawan: bass, piano; Agam Hamzah: guitar; Gusti Hendi: drums, percussion.

Inspiration Information / Wings of Love

Tracks: CD1 (Inspiration Information): Inspiration Information; Island Letter; Sparkle City; Aht Uh Mi Hed; Happy House; Rainy Day; XL-30; Pling!; Not Available; Miss Pretty; Magic; Things We Like to Do; Castle Top Jam. CD2 (Wings of Love): Intro; Special; Give Me Something Good; Tryin' to Get Close to You; Walkin' Down the Country; Doin' What's Right; Wings of Love; Give me a Chance; Don't You Run Away; Fireball of Love; Fawn; If You'd Be Mine; Black Belt Sheriff; Destination You!

Personnel: Shuggie Otis: guitars, bass, organ, piano, vibes, drums, percussion, vocals; Jack Kelso: saxophones and flutes (CD1); Curt Sletten: trumpet (CD1); Ron Robbins: trumpet (CD1); Doug Wintz: trombone (CD1); Jim Prindle: trombone (CD1); Jeff Martinez: French horn (CD1); Carol Robbins: harp (CD1). Wings of Love: Shuggie Otis: all instruments and vocals.

Right Now

Tracks: One; Waiting in Vain; Paradis; Someone Else's Tears; The Wind Cries Mary; While the Sun is Rising; Prancing Horse; Fidjo Maguado; Fall with Me; Once in a Blue Moon; Right Now; The Wall (digital only).

Personnel: Fabrizio Sotti: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, nylon string guitar; Isabella Lundgren: vocals; Tony Grey: bass; Mino Cinelu: drums, percussion, vocals; Shaggy: vocals; Res: vocals; Zucchero: vocals; Melanie Fiona: vocals; Claudia Acunia: vocals; Algebra Blessett: vocals.

Lenny White Live

Tracks: Whew! What a Dream; East St. Louis; Pic Pocket; Dark; Wolfbane; Whew! What a Dream (alternate).

Personnel: Lenny White: drums; Mark Ledford: trumpet; Bennie Maupin: saxophones; Foley: lead bass; Patrice Rushen: keyboards; Donald Blackman: keyboards; Victor Bailey: rhythm bass.

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