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Trespass Trio + Joe McPhee: Human Encore (2013)

By Published: July 8, 2013
Trespass Trio + Joe McPhee: Human Encore Track review of "A Different Kodo"

Sweden-based Trespass Trio aligns with American improvising legend Joe McPhee
Joe McPhee
Joe McPhee
for a live set, recorded 2012 at Salao Brazil. The artists' camaraderie, gamesmanship, and intuitive synergy become quite evident from the onset. From a holistic perspective, the band's rugged approach balances a prevalent degree of experimentation with familiar modern jazz terrain. Indeed, an audience-pleaser; even by free jazz conventions, the players render a cornucopia of disparate angles and propositions.

"A Different Kodo" is immersed in a free-bop modality. Drummer Raymond Strid
Raymond Strid
Raymond Strid
kicks it off with a bristling groove, followed by Martin Kuchen
Martin Kuchen

's serrated alto saxophone lines within a sparse framework. McPhee chimes in with his pocket trumpet and tears apart the upper-registers with brazen choruses, as the band tightens the loop and steps inward. Edgy, yet executed with heartfelt enthusiasm, bassist Per Zanussi
Per Zanussi
Per Zanussi
proceeds to open up the spatial characteristics with a fast-paced and nimbly articulated solo spot. He creates a sense of loneliness, but the ensemble sneaks back in and closes out on a temperate note. Essentially, the musicians bequeath a highly artistic set of values to exploration and adventurism, shrewdly countered by some lighter moments. No doubt, it's the complete package.

Personnel: Joe McPhee: pocket trumpet; Martin Kuchen: alto saxophone; Per Zanussi: double bass; Raymond Strid: drums.

Record Label: Clean Feed Records

Style: Modern Jazz

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