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Jussi Reijonen: Playground of Sound and Texture

By Published: June 18, 2013
That being said, I do feel very at home listening to the Nordic stream of jazz—artists like [trumpeter] Arve Henriksen
Arve Henriksen
Arve Henriksen
, [pianist] Alexi Tuomarila, [guitarist] Eivind Aarset
Eivind Aarset
Eivind Aarset

and so forth. Obviously, when I lived in Finland and began to work as a musician, there was a certain common understanding of a certain dialect of improvisation among those I played with that were considered jazz musicians—it gravitated towards the more spacious, more textural and less... hurried. I think that on some level, that—and my own naturally slower pace of doing and processing things—has been reflected into the music, especially a piece like "Kaiku," and my arrangement of "Naima" [both on Un].

Plus, I just enjoy sound, and sometimes it takes a moment to let it be enjoyed. Another factor has been that I went through a period of wanting to purify my expression in a way—to cleanse it of unnecessary filler words, commas and non sequiturs—and to only play what I heard instead of following what might be more physical or mechanical impulses. Because of that, the pace at which I hear things and sounds occur to me make me slow a lot of the music down. Many times, the silences are me waiting for that next impulse of what to say, and how to say it.

AAJ: What will be the next project? Are you working on it already?

JR: right now I'm still concentrating in getting the word out about Un and trying to play as many gigs as possible with the quintet, but I have tentatively started to sketch ideas of new music in my mind. At this point it's still very vague, but I have some instinct about what it may become. I definitely want to avoid repeating what I did with Un, so I'm trying to find new angles into composition.

I have a possible title for the next project, and that is sort of the main guiding light at the moment. I've composed some new music, including a maqam-based string trio for kamanche, cello and upright bass, but whether or not that is a piece that will fit into the context of the next album remains to be seen. I do have a feeling that the new music will explore resonance in ways that are, at least, new to me. I may also play more acoustic guitar with the new music.

Aside from that, I'm always open to interesting projects as a sideman. Two vocalists who I've been working with, Gabriela Martina
Gabriela Martina
Gabriela Martina
and Sissy Castrogiovanni, are releasing new albums that I played on this year, and there are some performances in the works with both. I really feel like now that school is finally over, it's the time to dig into the soil and get my fingernails dirty.

Selected Discography

Jussi Reijonen Un (Self Produced, 2012)

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Jaako Huikari

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