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Take Five With Armen Nalbandian

By Published: May 14, 2013
I feel blessed to have joined Dave Chappelle onstage a couple of times over the past year or two. I accompanied him on piano during his stand-up performances at both Yoshi's clubs, and we just improvised off each other. It was like sitting in with jazz giant with complete command of his talent; he is an amazing improviser.

What are some of the essential requirements to keep jazz alive and growing?

We need a better balance of nurturing our audience and expanding the typical jazz demographic. It really comes back to educating our youth because they will carry our tradition. In addition, when we do educate, we must do so broadly and without any agenda and invest quality time and resources into their education. Jazz is treated like a second class citizen (if that) in the States. As artists, we need to do a better job of connecting our art to the current musical landscape.

What is in the near future?

I've recently released my eighth album, Surrounded by Snakes, in addition to a handful of new projects like the book, etc.

The future is all about keeping my mind and heart open and listening to the universe to uncover what's next.

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Armen Nalbandian
Armen Nalbandian

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