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I Hear a Clock ... Ticking

By Published: May 9, 2013
OK. Ya know what I've just done? Uh huh, I called my shot, not unlike that great baseball player William Bendix in the 1948 movie The Babe Ruth Story, when he walked up to the plate and pointed his bat (at arm's length) to the faraway centerfield wall, indicating that he would hit a home run (he had promised some kid who was hit by a train or something, that he would hit a homer for him). And in the doing of this, somehow, the kid experienced a miraculous cure, ran out of the hospital and tried to join the Marine Corps—or something like that; whatever, you get the idea.

Point being, it is doubtful if any of you reading this, has ever, ever seen in any media form where a world-class musician has publicly told a prospective audience exactly what and how they would perform and how freakin' great their next, upcoming record will be. Am I right? So be it! Around about next August (possible song title there), some of you will be streaming tracks from my record date on Spotify (where I make 1/10th of one cent) and you'll be saying—or thinking—"Hey, that over confident S.O.B. was freakin' right!"

In the not too distant past, I alluded to the hearing loss that I am experiencing and that the cost of hearing aids was causing me to cancel this recording date. Well, re: the cost, it was and it is, but I'm at the height of my musical powers now, and as I stated a few sentences back, I really can't keep this regimen that I've set for myself going much longer. Let me say it for you (re: my writings): "If there weren't the letter 'I' or the word 'Me,' this guy couldn't write an article." Well I resemble that remark, I'm happy to say.

Let me say it for you. "Hey, Mort, see someone."

Let me say it for you: "Hey, Mort, how can you hear a clock ticking if your hearing's so bad?"

This clock, I hear is in my heart.

In closing, let me paraphrase a few words from one whose writings and thoughts have gotten me through some very tough moments, and I quote, "The time of the light's first mention brings upon the thoughtful barometrics of a matrix of finality, e.g. fulfillment and "reciprocity." class="f-right s-img">— Capt. Ethan Z. Cromwell, 2nd Viscount of Farthingham On Rye. 1793- 1994

Until next time, I remain

Mort Weiss

Photo Credit

Steve Gugerty

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