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Big Band Report

Pointing Fingers... And Naming Names

By Published: May 4, 2013
Personnel: Dave Lalama: composer, arranger, leader, piano; Leon Petruzzi: trumpet, flugelhorn; Mike Rubenstein: trumpet, flugelhorn; Glenn Drewes: trumpet, flugelhorn (3, 5-7, 9-11, 13); Nathan Warner: trumpet, flugelhorn (1, 2, 4, 8, 12); Mike Carubia: trumpet, flugelhorn; Dave Pietro: alto, soprano sax, flute; Jonathan Holford: alto sax; Ralph Lalama: tenor sax; John Marshall: tenor sax; Jeff Lange: baritone sax; John Mosca: trombone; Brent Chiarello: trombone; Joey Devassy: trombone; Justin Comito: bass trombone; Pete Coco: bass; Tony Tedesco: drums.


Tracks: Well You Needn't; Red Sky; Lush Life; Samba de Martelo; Free-Wheeling; Femme Fatale; Tenderly; Yesterday's Gardenias.

Personnel: Joe Clark: leader, composer, arranger, trumpet, flugelhorn; Brent Turney: trumpet, flugelhorn; Chuck Parrish: trumpet, flugelhorn; Victor Garcia: trumpet, flugelhorn; B.J Cord: trumpet, flugelhorn; Dan Nicholson: alto sax, flute; Corbin Andrick: alto, soprano sax, clarinet; Chris Madsen: tenor sax, flute; Anthony Bruno: tenor sax, flute; Mark Hiebert: baritone sax, bass clarinet; Andy Baker: trombone; Tom Garling: trombone; Bryant Scott: trombone; Tom Matta: bass trombone; Mike Pinto: guitar; Ryan Cohan: piano; Joe Policastro: bass. Special guest artist—Jeff Hamilton: drums.

Music & Friends

Tracks: Otra Vez Alvarez; A Song for Johnny; Playin' It Cool; Fancy Miss Nancy; Special Thoughts of You; Elena; A Benny for Your Thoughts; Border Town; A Song for Stan; Gentle Is the Breeze; The Gospel Truth; Hipity Hopity Funkity; Reflections.

Personnel: Dick Reynolds: leader, piano, electric piano (2-6, 8-11, 13); Danny Barber: trumpet; Kirk Garrison: trumpet; Doug Scharf: trumpet; Victor Garcia: trumpet (3, 8, 11); Art Hoyle: trumpet, flugelhorn (2); Mike Smith, Pat Mallinger, Steve Eisen, Rob Haite, Jerry DiMuzio: saxophones; Mark Colby: tenor sax (3, 8, 11); Scott Bentall: trombone; Andy Baker: trombone; Tom Matta: trombone; Mike Young: trombone; Tom Garling: trombone (3, 8, 11); Richard Drexler: piano (1, 7, 12), electric bass (12); Paulinho Garcia: guitar (6, 9, 10); Howard Levy: harmonica (6, 9); Kelly Sill: bass (1-11, 13); Joel Spencer: drums; Alejo Poveda: percussion.

Have You Heard

Tracks: Magic Flea; Things Are Getting Better; Tell Your Story; 1, 2, 3; A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square; Emily; I'll Remember April; Pumpkinette; Have You Heard.

Personnel: John Ruddick: music director; Ben Gaskin: trumpet; Kevin Wedrychowsky: trumpet; James Horton: trumpet; Mark James: trumpet; Nick Dunham: trumpet; Nick Dewhurst: trumpet; Chris Pickering: trumpet; David Tibbitts: trumpet; Alex Woods: alto sax; Andy Isherwood: alto sax; Lauren Peatfield: alto sax; Callum Roxborough: tenor sax; Alicia Gardener-Trejo: tenor sax; Colin Mills: tenor, baritone sax; Chris Brown: tenor sax; Rosie Price: baritone sax; Tom Coppins: trombone; Tom Dunnett: trombone; Alex Paxton: trombone; Joe Smith: trombone; Jon Warburton: bass trombone; Aled Walker: piano; Richard Morris: piano; Doug McMillan: guitar; Nick Roberts: bass; Dave Tandy: drums.

Hidden Agenda

Tracks: Midtown; Carry On; Save Your Love for Me; Portrait of Art Blakey; Her Allure; Boo Boo Doop; Hidden Agenda; Summertime; Jenny's Room; Global Citizen.

Personnel: Arthur White: director, saxophone solos (1, 8); Lexie Signor: trumpet; Jason Mathews: trumpet; Casey Hanford: trumpet; Anne Linders: trumpet; Zach Eldridge: alto sax; Nassim Benchaabane: alto sax; Justin Downs: tenor sax; Dirk Downing: tenor sax; Sarah Carney: baritone sax; David Witter: trombone; Caleb Roman: trombone; Andrew Meyer: trombone; Sam Reed: bass trombone; Lizzie Fracica: piano (2-4, 9), vocals (3, 8); Sam Copeland: guitar; Nathan Smith: vibes; Meyer Neel: bass; Will Lyons: drums. Special guest artist—Robin Eubanks: trombone. NU Jazz Faculty artists—Tom Andes: piano (1, 5-8, 10); Allen Beeson: trumpet (2); Kevin Hennessy: bass (1).


Tracks: Correspondence; Bread & Butter; You Have to Try It Once; Go Ahead!; I'll Keep Loving You; Meat of the Matter; Let's Get Out of Town; Contagious Curiosity; Shaw Nuff; Slipped Again.

Personnel: Peter Anderson: tenor sax; Will Anderson: alto sax; Kenny Barron: piano; Ben Wolfe: bass; Kenny Washington: drums.

Less Is More

Tracks: Lotus Blossom; Hoot Gibson; I Didn't Know What Time It Was; Camping Out; Less Is More; Invisible; It's Easy to Remember; This Is for Albert; I've Never Been in Love Before; Step Lightly.

Personnel: Rich Thompson: leader, drums; Terell Stafford: trumpet, flugelhorn; Doug Stone: tenor saxophone; Gary Versace: piano, Hammond B3 organ; Jeff Campbell: bass.

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