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Big Band Report

In Tune or Not in Tune... That Is the Question

By Published: April 2, 2013
Tracks: CD1: Opening Remarks; Arkansas Traveler; Eager Beaver; Pete Rugolo introduction; Collaboration; Machito introduction; Machito; Bob Cooper introduction; Coop's Solo; Conte Candoli introduction; Pennies from Heaven; Band introduction; Bobby Shew introduction; Maynard Ferguson; Bill Perkins introduction; Yesterdays; Bud Shank introduction; Stella by Starlight; Bill Holman introduction; The Tall Guy; Closing remarks; Artistry in Rhythm; Stompin' at the Savoy. CD2: The Opener; Tenor Piece; Cuba Jazz; An Esthete on Clark Street; Vignette; It's the Talk of the Town; Autumn Leaves; Guane; Durango; Smoke Gets in Your Eyes; All the Things You Are; Artistry in Gillespie; Yardbird Suite; Three Bop.

Personnel: CD1:Milt Bernhart: emcee; Bobby Shew: trumpet; Conte Candoli: trumpet; Gary Barone: trumpet; Brad Allison: trumpet; Jay Thomas: trumpet; Bud Shank: alto sax; Greg Metcalfe: alto sax; Bob Cooper: tenor sax; Bill Perkins: tenor sax; Bill Ramsay: baritone sax; Jiggs Whigham: trombone; Wayne Andre: trombone; Dan Marcus: trombone; Mike Barone: trombone; Ken Shirk: bass trombone; Dave Barduhn: piano; Doug Miller: bass; Frank Capp: drums. CD2: Gordon Foote: director; Dominic Rossi: trumpet; Andy King: trumpet; Andre Wickenheiser: trumpet; Darelos Katsanikakis: trumpet; Caroline Johnson: trumpet; Benjamin Deschamps: alto sax; Michael Johancsik: alto sax; Mike Bjella: tenor sax; Alexandre Beauregard: tenor sax; Andrew Morrill: baritone sax; Taylor Donaldson: trombone; Alex Truelove: trombone; Geoff Cronin: trombone; Karine Gordon: trombone; Felix Del Tredici: bass trombone; Andrew Boudreau: piano; Maxime Tremblay: guitar; Mike De Masi: bass; Mat McEachern: drums. Guest artists—Remi Balduc: alto sax; Donny Kennedy: alto sax; Kiko Osario: Latin percussion.

We'll Be Together Again

Tracks: Serenade to a Bus Seat; Tetragon; Ugly Beauty; I Love You; Fantasy for Trumpet and Jazz Orchestra (Gold / Copper / Silver); Coda; We'll Be Together Again; Blue in Green; I Remember You.

Personnel: Rob Parton: leader, trumpet solos (1, 4-7, 9, 10), lead trumpet (2, 11); Roger Ingram: trumpet (1, 3-10); Scott Wagstaff: trumpet; Victor Garcia: trumpet; B.J. Cord: trumpet; Ken Partyka: alto, soprano sax, flute; Chris Madsen: alto sax, flute, clarinet (1, 2, 4, 8-11); Matt Wiffler: alto sax, flute, clarinet (3, 5-7); Mark Colby: tenor sax, clarinet (1, 2, 4, 8-11); Kevin Kizer: tenor sax, clarinet (3, 5-7); John Wojciechowski: tenor sax, flute, clarinet (1, 2, 4, 8-11); Alex Beltran: tenor sax, flute, clarinet (3, 5-7); Ted Hogarth: baritone sax, bass clarinet; Andy Baker: trombone; Dan Johnson: trombone (1, 2, 4, 8-11); Tom Garling: trombone (3, 5-7); Tim Coffman: trombone; Thomas Matta: bass trombone (1, 2, 4, 8-11); John Blane: bass trombone (3, 5-7); Kevin O'Connell: piano; Mike Pinto: guitar; Stewart Miller: bass; Bob Rummage: drums (1, 2, 4, 8-11); Eric Montzka: drums (3, 5-7).


Tracks: Losing Lucidity; A Chaser; Teebeutelregen; Figment; Bathyal; Promenade; Figment (remix).

Personnel: Bert Joris: conductor; Philip Henzi: composer, arranger, piano, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer; David Blaser: trumpet, flugelhorn; Johannes Walter: trumpet, flugelhorn; Linus Hunkeler: trumpet, flugelhorn; Daniel Woodtli: trumpet, flugelhorn; Thomas Knuchel: trumpet, flugelhorn; Adrian Plugshaupt: alto, soprano sax, flute, alto flute; Reto Suhner: alto sax, flute, alto flute, alto clarinet; Till Grunewald: tenor, soprano sax, flute; Jurg Bucher: tenor sax, clarinet, bass clarinet; Marc Schodler: baritone sax, bass clarinet; Rene Mosele: trombone; Stefan Schlegel: trombone; Andreas Tschopp: trombone, tenor and soprano recorder; Reto Zumstein: bass trombone, tuba; Nikolay Karageorgiev: guitar; Lorenz Beyeler: acoustic bass; Antonio Schiavano: electric bass; Tobias Friedli: drums; Rico Baumann: drums (4, 6); Roland Wager: percussion, glockenspiel, crotales, udu.


Tracks: Tales of Cotton; Desolation Blues; LEDCC; Blue Bossa; Silver Woody; Speak Softly; Red Sky; Home; Dry with a Twist.

Personnel: Ian McDougall: trombone, leader; Derry Byrne: trumpet; Brad Turner: trumpet; Campbell Ryga: alto sax; Chris Startup: alto sax; Ross Taggart: tenor sax; Phil Dwyer: tenor sax; Rod Murray: trombone; Ron Johnson: piano; Oliver Gannon: guitar; Ken Lister: bass; Craig Scott: drums.


Tracks: Bloom; Electric Images; Bumblebee Garden; Dance One; Opened Opened; Dragonfly's Glasses; Islands in the Stream; Skip.

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