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Big Band Report

In Tune or Not in Tune... That Is the Question

By Published: April 2, 2013
Personnel: Asuka Kakitani: composer, arranger, conductor; Jeff Wilfore: trumpet, flugelhorn; David Spier: trumpet, flugelhorn; John Bailey: trumpet, flugelhorn; Matt Holman: trumpet, flugelhorn; John O'Gallagher: alto, soprano sax, flute; Ben Kono: alto, soprano sax, flute; Jason Rigby: tenor sax, clarinet; Mark Small: tenor sax, clarinet; Kenny Berger: baritone sax, bass clarinet; Mark Patterson: trombone; Matt McDonald: trombone; Jacob Garchik: trombone; Jeff Nelson: bass trombone; Mike Eckroth: piano, Fender Rhodes; Pete McCann: acoustic, electric guitar; Dave Ambrosio: acoustic, electric bass; Mark Ferber: drums; Sara Serpa: voice.

On Cue: The Music of Seamus Blake

Tracks: On Cue; Fear of Roaming; Trust in You; Way Out Willy; Shabu Shabu; The Song That Lives Inside; Zydeco.

Personnel: Dr. Tommy Poole: director; Timothy Moore: trumpet; Christopher Greene: trumpet; Jared Wallis: trumpet; Kristen Layne: trumpet; Sean Ryan: trumpet; Jonathan Rice: alto sax, flute; Andrew Djahadian: alto sax, flute; Joseph Barger: tenor sax, clarinet; Christopher Beard: tenor sax, flute, clarinet; Nicholas McKinney: baritone sax, bass clarinet; Trevor Moore: trombone; Zachary Gunkel: trombone; Ryunosuke Hamada: trombone; Elijah Sullivan: bass trombone; Stephen Schultz: guitar; Daniel Thompson: piano; Eric Schmidt: bass; Christopher Wilson: drums. Special guest artist—Seamus Blake: composer, arranger, tenor sax.

Range of Motion

Tracks: LaPorta; Slow Helen; Winterset; Hip Check; Raucous Caucus; The Breezeling; Mean Streak; Prairie Dance; Manne-rism; Loose Weave.

Personnel: Jack Mouse: leader, drums; Scott Robinson: tenor, soprano sax, flute; Art Davis: trumpet, flugelhorn; John McLean: guitar; Kelly Sill: bass (1, 2, 5, 9); Bob Bowman: bass (3, 4, 6-8).

Octet Volume One

Tracks: Manteca; Unit 7; A Night in Tunisia; To You; Soundings; Stompin' at the Savoy; Still Waters; Better Get Hit in Your Soul; East of Pho Hung; Infra-Rae.

Personnel: Terry Promane: co-leader, trombone; Dave Young: co-leader, bass; Kevin Turcotte: trumpet, flugelhorn; Vern Dorge: alto sax; Mike Murley: tenor sax; Perry White: baritone sax; Gary Williamson: piano; Terry Clarke: drums.

Coming Up for Air

Tracks: Lady Be Good; Dans la Magie de la Lumiere; Meet My Baby on the Night Train; Somethin' Real; The Thrill of Love Just Never Fades; Fever; You'd Better Go Now; All of Me; In the Magic of the Light; Bye Bye Blackbird.

Personnel: Kathleen Lee: vocals; Jamil Sharif: trumpet; Clarence Johnson III: saxophones; Matt Rhody: violin, mandolin; Dwight Fitch Jr.: piano (1, 2, 4, 6, 8-10); Peter Cho: piano (3, 5); Fred Sanders: piano (7); Matt Hampsey: guitar; David Easley: pedal steel guitar; Al Bernard: bass (1, 4); Kerry Lewis: bass (2, 3, 5, 9); David Pulphus: bass (6-8, 10); Geoff Clapp: drums.

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