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Meet C. Michael Bailey

By Published: March 29, 2013
What role does jazz music play in your life? In Art, jazz, and to some extent opera, represent an evolutionary node where many elements come together, creating something that is at once old and new, dynamic and static, large and encompassing and small and intimate. Jazz reminds me of the creative reality experienced in the past and the possibilities to be made and experienced in the future.

How does writing about jazz contribute to the music itself? It provides a living introduction and account. Before seriously listening to jazz or classical music, I went to the library and read all I could find: criticism, history, biography, everything that addressed the music and its evolution and the musicians and composers who create it.

What do you like most about All About Jazz? Its ecumenicism. All About Jazz, while in a jazz orbit, does not hesitate to veer, often very far, from that orbit to show the connections between all art.

What positives have come from your association with All About Jazz? It has made me a better listener and writer. I listen to music today that I would have never considered (and, thus, would have been less for) in the past. It has changed my philosophy of music writing from one of criticism to one of audience education. Through All About Jazz I have been exposed to an international group of writers and musicians who have enriched me and my life.

C. Michael Bailey at All About Jazz.

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