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Jorge Rossy: When Rhythm Becomes Harmony

By Published: March 12, 2013
AAJ: Does this idea about the sound explain your balance?

JR: I try to find beauty and meaning, trying to capture some essential thing.

AAJ: That essential thing you talk about is intuition. Intuition is something that jazz musicians usually take for granted, something that is taken as a fact, but from a conceptual perspective there would be a lot to talk about.

JR: Yeah, I totally agree. Intuition first, even a side of jazz or a side of music, is the best we have. Intuition is the wisdom of the moment and it is when we really feel that we are alive and that we are learning. It's very true that unfortunately in jazz music, a lot of young musicians find all these formulas in order to avoid their fear of improvisation. You find guys that have developed a lot of facility with their instruments and have studied harmony, the scales, and they transcribe their solos and they sound OK, but there is not too much story.

The connection with the music is somewhere in the back, so I like the opposite: intuition. That's the beginning: to trust all the things we have learned at music school. Your intuition knows that, and you just have to trust it and go and see what happens. In that sense it is good to feel that the older I'm getting, the more I can afford to be like a child and play as I used to play at the very beginning. With a pure ear.

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Juanjo Ferrer

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