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Big Band Report

"Lone Wolf" Finds Plenty to Chew On

By Published: March 8, 2013
Tracks: Vol. 1: Tonawanda Fats; Waltz for Bobby; It's Just Talk; Falling; Gammelfarfars Mormorsvals; Every Summer Night; Don't Go to Strangers; How Deep Is the Ocean; Hospital Blues; The Way You Look Tonight. Vol. 2: Clarinet Swing; Let's Dance; The Maid with the Flaccid Air; Nightmare; Like Someone in Love; Blue; S'Wonderful; Bluesette; Stealin' Apples; Blame It on My Youth; Tickle Toe; Goodbye.

Personnel: Vol. 1: Ake Bjorlange: leader, trumpet (10); Mats Siggstedt: trumpet; Niklas Skoglund: trumpet (2-9); Magnus Mellberg: trumpet (1, 4-6, 10); Joachim Tromark: trumpet; Leif Fernqvist: trumpet; Calle Stenman: trumpet (1); Adam Dahlberg: alto, soprano sax, clarinet, flute; Patrik Engelbert: alto, soprano sax, clarinet, flute; Patric Lundstedt: tenor sax, clarinet; Janne Larsson: tenor sax; Goran Hedstrom: baritone sax; Tommie Floreus: baritone sax, alto flute (1, 10); Per Haglind: trombone; Bjorn Agren: trombone; Krister Pettersson: trombone; Kurt Carlberg: trombone; Goran Berencreutz: guitar; Eldar Levgran: piano (1, 10); Arnold Rodriguez: piano (2-5, 8); Niklas Bjarnehall: piano (6, 7, 9); LarsErik Jonshult: bass; Rasmus Diamant: bass (1, 10); Rolf Andersson: drums. Guest artists: Patrik Skogh: trumpet (5); Fredrik Nordstrom: tenor sax (4, 5); Linda Pettersson Bratt: vocal (8). Vol. 2: Ake Bjorange: leader; Mats Sigstedt: trumpet; Magnus Mellberg: trumpet; Joachim Tromark: trumpet; Leif Fernqvist: trumpet; Patrik Engelbert: alto, soprano sax, flute; Thore Berglund: alto sax, clarinet, flute; Patric Lundstedt: tenor sax, clarinet; Jan Larsson: tenor sax; Tommie Floreus: baritone sax, flute; Per Haglind: trombone; Bjorn Agren: trombone; Krister Pettersson: trombone; Kurt Carlberg: trombone; Mikael Sjursvens: guitar; Thomas Jutterstrom: piano; Rasmus Diamant: bass; Rolf Andersson: drums. Guest artist: Krister Andersson: clarinet.

Vera Cruz

Tracks: Seven Steps to Heaven; Love Beams; Quintessence; Deed I Do; Prime Directive; Another Life; Soon; Vera Cruz.

Personnel: Randall Reyman: director; Patrick Anderson: trumpet; David Anderson: trumpet; Kyle Nicholson: trumpet; Evan Harris: trumpet; Adam Blakey: alto sax; Joshua Taliaferro: alto sax; John Gorecki: tenor sax, clarinet; Ethan Hayward: tenor sax; Andy Baldwin: baritone sax; Eric Dawson: trombone; Paul Hanko: trombone; Lauren Ferry: trombone; Mike Durnavich: trombone; Jacob Widenhofer: guitar; Simon Nicholson: vibraphone; Adam Cunningham: bass; Sean McDonald: drums; Alexandra Manfredo: vocals (4, 8).

Sing a Song of Ashton

Tracks: Disc 1—Looking Forward; Looking Back; Who's Blue?; If You Should Change Your Mind; Heat of the Moment; I Wasn't Looking for Love; Thought I'd Ask; You'd Think I'd Learn; Over and Over Again; I Thought I Was Through with Love; Times Were; Why Don't They Write Songs . . . ?; Needs Must; That's That; Gasbag Blues; But Me No Buts; Nobody's Perfect; I Have Been Here Before; Paris Is for Lovers. Disc 2—The Deflated Bounce; A Way with Words; Let's Settle Down; Stop Kidding Yourself; Accident Prone; New in London; No Flowers by Request; I Was Hoping; Wait and See; Someone; Another Always; You Were Marvelous Darling; London; Don't Try and Argue with Me; Give Up; It's Over; Rose Room; Much Too Much; Don't Go to Her.

Personnel: Jacqui Hicks: vocals; Sumudu Jayatilaka: vocals; Sheena Davis: vocals; Jenny Howe: vocals; Annabel Williams: vocals; Lorraine Craig: vocals; Litsa Davis: vocals; James Langton: vocals; Sarah Ellen Hughes: vocals; Atila Huseyin: vocals; Lauren Derwent: vocals; Nick Gallant: vocals; Francesca Lewis: vocals; Kim Lesley: vocals; Carol Kenyon: vocals; Sarah Ann Gilbertson: vocals; Bill Ashton: vocals, with various editions of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.

Big Bands Live

Tracks: Take the "A" Train; Johnny Come Lately; Swamp Goo; Knob Hill; Eggo; La Plus Belle Africaine; Rue Bleu; A Chromatic Love Affair; Salome; The Shepherd; Tutti for Cootie; Freakish Lights; Kixx.

Personnel: Duke Ellington: piano, arranger; Cat Anderson: trumpet; Cootie Williams: trumpet; Herbie Jones: trumpet; Mercer Ellington: trumpet; Johnny Hodges: alto sax; Russell Procope: alto sax, clarinet; Paul Gonsalves: tenor sax; Jimmy Hamilton: tenor sax, clarinet; Harry Carney: baritone sax, clarinet; Chuck Connors: trombone; Lawrence Brown: trombone; Buster Cooper: trombone; John Lamb: bass; Rufus Jones: drums.

Baritone Monk

Tracks: Teo; Light Blue; Two Timer; Pannonica; Bright Mississippi; Ruby, My Dear; Let's Cool One; Brake's Sake; Green Chimneys; 52nd Street Theme; Holiday Medley—A Merrier Christmas / Stuffy Turkey.

Personnel: Claire Daly: baritone sax, flute, vocal (11); Steve Hudson: piano; Mary Ann McSweeney: bass; Peter Grant: drums.

Tracks: Solar; Early Autumn; Blues Noir; Jeru; Dolphin Dance; Mambo from West Side Story; Mr. Syms; Blue Rondo a la Turk; Stolen Moments; Tip Toe; Speak Like a Child; Spain.

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