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Dave Holland: San Francisco, CA, February 7-10, 2013

By Published: February 27, 2013
"The Sum of All Parts," described as "a musical portrait of Rio de Janeiro," was a rollicking trombone-infused tribute to that vibrant Brazilian city. A trombone solo was coupled with Smith's heavy beat on the drums, with Nelson changing the sonic color of the piece, rotating from vibraphone to marimba and back.

The subsequent soft and sonorous "Veil of Tears" opened with a somber bass solo followed by sweet and melodic saxophone from Chris Potter
Chris Potter
Chris Potter
on tenor as Smith chimed in on mallets.

"Lucky Seven" from Critical Mass (Sunnyside, 2006) offers a rollicking tenor solo by Potter, who bobbed up and down as he soloed as Nelson played the marimba with two sets of green mallets. Eubanks offered a spirited trombone solo, while Smith soloed on the sticks, employing his characteristic heavy beat.

Following a standing ovation, the ensemble encored with "Easy Does It," a short tune about New Orleans. Another standing ovation failed to bring the band back, and the ecstatic audience exited reluctantly.

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