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Big Band Report

Buddy Rich: In a Zone of His Own

By Published: February 10, 2013
Personnel: Dani Felber: leader, flugelhorn solos (7, 8); Andrea Tofanelli: trumpet; Nemanja Jovanovich: trumpet; Gabriel Keogh: trumpet; Rich Laughlin: trumpet; Brad Leali, Jonas Knecht, Eric Marienthal, Sebastian Borkowski, Helga Plankensteiner: reeds; Jurgen Neudert: trombone; Adrian Weber: trombone; Uli Binetsch: trombone; Fabian Beck: trombone; Jura Waida: piano; Bernd Hess: guitar; Rodrigo Aravena: bass; Butch Miles: drums; Carmen Bradford: vocals (3, 12).

Lab 2012

Tracks: Be That Way; Abby Song; Shiny Stockings; The Fifth Shade; The Sparrow Was Gone in an Instant; Fugue for Thought; From Above; 3rd and 55th; Race to the Finish.

Personnel: Steve Wiest: director; Tyler Mire: trumpet; Jake Boldman: trumpet; Miranda George: trumpet; Jordan Gheen: trumpet; Miles Johnson: trumpet; Justin Pierce: alto, soprano sax; Alex Fraile: alto sax; Aaron Hedenstrom:tenor sax; Drew Zaremba:tenor sax; Spenser Liszt: baritone sax; Kevin Hicks: trombone; Jenny Kellogg: trombone; Julie Gray: trombone; Jon Gauer: bass trombone; Sean Casey: bass trombone; Sean Giddings: piano; William Flynn: guitar; Brian Ward: bass; Greg Sadler: drums.

Miraculous Loss of Signal

Tracks: A Forwaholic's Passion, Part I; A Forwaholic's Passion, Part II; Narcotic Incotriac; Wheeling Around That SO.FI; Lotus Flower; Miraculous Loss of Signal; Enacted Disorder; Hurdles.

Personnel: Johannes Berauer: conductor; Reinhold Schmolzer: composer, arranger, drums; Bernhard Nolf: trumpet, flugelhorn; Benny Brown: trumpet, flugelhorn; Matthias Spillmann: trumpet, flugelhorn; Florian Menzel: trumpet, flugelhorn; Johannes Bohmer: trumpet, flugelhorn; Florian Trubsbach: soprano sax, clarinet, flute, piccolo; Charlotte Greve: alto, soprano sax, clarinet, flute; Uli Kempendorff: tenor, soprano sax, clarinet, bass clarinet; Malte Schiller: tenor sax, clarinet; Tini Thomsen: baritone sax, bass clarinet, c-flat clarinet; Simon Harrer: trombone; Phil Yaeger: trombone; Lukas Wyss: trombone; Jan Schreiner: bass trombone; Raphael Meinhart: vibraphone; Manuel Schmiedel: piano; Andreas Waelti: bass.

Front Burner

Tracks: Runferyerlife; Second Race; Tijuca; Cubauza; Blood Count; Front Burner; No Waddi (Is It Far?); Armando's Big Band; Swingin' for the Fences; Lost; Some Graffiti on the "A" Train.

Personnel: Jazz Orchestra 1 (Tracks 1-6, 8, 9)—Antonio J. Garcia: director, claves, guiro (4); Ben Heemstra: trumpet, flugelhorn; Jackson Shurlds: trumpet, flugelhorn; Adam Johnson: trumpet, flugelhorn; Victor Haskins: trumpet, flugelhorn; Brendan Schnabel: soprano, alto sax; Douglas Jemison: alto sax; Myrick Crampton: tenor sax, flute; Aaron Williams: tenor sax; Trey Sorrells: baritone sax; Christopher Bates: trombone; Colleen Trempe: trombone; Martha Purvis: trombone; Mark James: bass trombone; Keith Askey: guitar; Brian Mahne: piano; Andrew Randazzo: acoustic, electric bass; C.J. Wolfe: drums, timbales (4); Joe Lubman: congas (4). Small Jazz Ensemble (Track 7)—Victor Haskins: trumpet; Myrick Crampton: tenor sax; Brian Mahne: piano; Andrew Randazzo: bass; C.J. Wolfe: drums. Faculty Jazz Septet (Tracks 10, 11)—Rex Richardson: trumpet; John D'Earth: trumpet (11); Skip Gailes: tenor sax; J.C. Kuhl: tenor sax (10); Antonio Garcia: trombone, vocals; Mike Ess: guitar; Russell Wilson: piano; Victor Dvoskin: bass; Tony Martucci: drums. Guest artists—John Riley: drums; Taylor Barnett: trumpet; Graham Breedlove: trumpet.

To Buddy Rich and Beyond . . .

Tracks: Wind Machine; Conspiracy Theory; West Side Story medley; Too Close for Comfort; Party Time; The Chicken; It's Just Talk; Good News Suite; Hit & Run; Love for Sale.

Personnel: Steve Taylor: drums, leader; Dave Wood: trumpet; Tom Walsh: trumpet; Ed Benstead: trumpet; Sam Eastmond: trumpet; Richard Sheppard: alto sax; Rob Sell: alto sax; Vasilis Xenopolous: tenor sax; Dan Faulkner: tenor sax; Mike Rubie: baritone sax; Ben Greenslade: trombone; Sam Crooks: trombone; Dave Candy: trombone; Ollie King: trombone; Hilary Cameron: piano; Dan Farrant: bass; Josie Frater: vocals.

A Celebration of Diz and Miles

Tracks: All Blues; Con Alma; Milestones; Ow!; Freddie Freeloader; Here 'Tiz; Summertime; Tour de Force; You Don't Know What Love Is; So What; A Night in Tunisia.

Personnel: Mike Longo: piano; Paul West: bass; Ray Mosca: drums.

A Tribute to Paul Desmond

Tracks: Line for Lyons; When Sunny Gets Blue; It's You I Like; My Funny Valentine; Things Ain't What They Used to Be; Wendy; Take Five; Jan; Desmond Blue; B*A*B*A*D.

Personnel: Bruce Babad: alto saxophone; Larry Koonse: guitar; Ed Czach: piano; Luther Hughes: bass; Steve Barnes: drums.


Tracks: Evidence; Title Goes Here; Mode Three; As Long as You Know You're Living Yours; Forgetting; Eighty-One; The Letter; Spiral Dance; A Long Way to Go; R.J.; Flashpoint. Bonus tracks—Wichita Mind Control; A.I.R. (All India Radio).

Personnel: Miles Osland: saxophones, flute; Raleigh Dailey: piano; Danny Cecil: bass; John Willmarth: drums.

Of Air

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