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Sex and the Jazz Musician: The Brutal Truth!

By Published: January 27, 2013
Summation. Looking back at the beginning of this essay one notices that I started out in my usual Mort Weiss manner tossing in amusing tidbits here and there—actually some funnier 'n shit! But as I started turning back the pages of my life you can see a darkening of the realities that I spoke of, a virtual This is Your Life, Mort Weiss in reverse. A very unsettling feeling started to make its presence known, and I would find myself thinking more and more about what might have been—a sad and futile exercise at best. If one senses that I've used a inordinate amount of descriptive words and innuendo, Please, just sit back and enjoy the ride; ahh, read, as we Jews of Russian and Hungarian decent are known to wallow in the dark and sad vestiges of life, but a great fuckin' sunset knocks us out too!

A chum of mine is heavily into free form sound and action (OK, music). You pretty much know by now, how and what I feel about the genre. In reality I know, and have always known about it and how to do it—how to communicate it—how to negotiate its avenues and climb its mountains and to shout of its virtues and authenticities to yell and scream—to yell and scream to scream and shout to make to maketomaketomaketttoooommaaaaaakkkkkee—all, know, that I'm here, that I'm here, that I'm here and that I exist and that I have the right of existence bequeathed to me by the totality of the generally accepted paradigm of a universal conflux.

Sunday, May 21, 2013. I leave (once more) for Los Angeles to record my 11th album at the Voice of the Arts studio. This album will be a departure from this matrix to the next and beyond. The title of the work will be A Step Outside. This work will be looked upon as a musically significant historical thesis. The release will be sometime in July or August of this year, and cats like Mats Gustafsson
Mats Gustafsson
Mats Gustafsson
, Phil Minton
Phil Minton
Phil Minton
, John Russell
John Russell
John Russell
, the Brötz and all the others will be hearing about the new fast gun in town! What I'm going to do will be another Mort Weiss first, only this time a much more significant first than the others in that no-one has ever excelled in two such remotely different styles of music. Yes, music.

No-one could and would try to do it on the clarinet and voice. And no-one 78 years old would or could do it physically and mentally, that being what I'm going to pull off. On this one you will not hear any of the usual people that I have worked and recorded with in the past. The work will consist of five or six explorations each about ten minutes in length. I've started work on the construction and modes of sound that will not only be prevalent but a dominant prevailing presence of sound and emotion that will open doors of thought and generate salient waves of emotion from within the listener's total body and soul.

Several days ago, when I started to write, this I had no idea that I would be telling you about a free jazz CD that I was going to do in the near future. If you're surprised, well, think how I felt when the idea first visited me, oh yeah! Now, let me categorically state that my decision to make this CD in no way weakens any of my shit that I have put in this or any other articles, quotes or interviews that I have had in the past; I remain steadfast and firm in all of my convictions re: the music.

Parting Shot. If you have come this far with me on this little trip of thought and story, I would hope that you have also noticed that I'm not the hardcore musical luddite, SOB American Gothic with a clarinet instead of a pitch fork, saying that nothing should be done for the first time—although...hmm.

Be kind to one another—we are all so very special, and I love you, all my brothers and sisters in this, no penny opera, even if you are the dude throwing his sunglasses into the audience. With respect and best wishes, I remain Mort Weiss

An afterthought: for the last few years I have been experiencing a gradual loss of hearing in both ears and have worked around and through the situation. During the last three months it has worsened enough as to be untenable and is affecting my playing. That being the case I have called off the recording date mentioned earlier in the article for the time being, until my hearing is restored. Since all my records are self-produced, there is a money factor that dictates the doing of such things. My health insurance does not cover the purchase of good hearing aids, so the money that would have gone for the free jazz CD will have to be used for the hearing aids. Thanks to all of you for your understanding.

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Mort Weiss

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