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Before We Say Goodbye To 2012

By Published: January 25, 2013
Tracks: The Clairvoyant; Ritual; Torture And Glory; A Mere Speck Of Dust; State Of Grace; Silken Threads; The Expedients Of A Primitive Being; Fear Of Eternity.

Personnel: Ivo Perelman: tenor saxophone; Matthew Shipp: piano; Whit Dickey: drums.


Tracks: Coconut; What Happened At Conway Hall, 1938?; Shake Your Wattle; The Fish In The Pond; Little Symphony; Crunchy Croci; Padàm; Joy Of A Toy; Journal; BeeTee's Minor Plea.

Personnel: Eric Boeren: cornet; Michael Moore: reeds; Wilbert De Joode: bass; Han Bennink: snare drum.

Baritone Monk

Tracks: Teo; Light Blue; Two Timer; Pannonica; Bright Mississippi; Ruby, My Dear; Let's Cool One; Brake's Sake; Green Chimneys; 52nd Street Theme; Holiday Medley—A Merrier Christmas/Stuffy Turkey.

Personnel: Claire Daly: baritone saxophone, flute; Steve Hudson: piano; Mary Ann McSweeney: bass; Peter Grant: drums.

Past Present

Tracks: CD1: Chicago, July 15, 2009. CD2: Chicago, January 6, 2010. CD3: Chicago, December 29, 2010. CD4: Milwaukee, December 30, 2010. CD5: Milwaukee, December 27, 2011. Cd6: Chicago, December 28, 2011, CD7: DKV plays the music of Don Cherry— Sant'Anna Arresi, Sardinia, August 31, 2008: Encore: Remembrance pt. 2; Brown Rice; Orfeu Negro; Dios E Diablo; Introduction (by the DKV Trio); Orfeu Negro; The Thing; Remembrance; Elephantasy; Music Now.

Personnel: Hamid Drake: drums; Kent Kessler: bass; Ken Vandermark: reeds.


Tracks: Boperation; Cromagnon Nights; Escalating; Fantasy In Blue; The Gig; House Party Starting; Mo Is On; Pile Driver/Dodo's Dance; Snakes; Up Jumped The devil.

Personnel: Axel Dörner: trumpet; Pierre-Antoine Badaroux: alto saxophone; Joel Grip: double bass; Antonin Gerbal: drums.


Tracks: CD1: Intro—Le lucciole; Yluc Song; La scena, gli artisti...; Praxis; Prolungate istantanee; Mostar; Torquemada; Post; Per Emanuela. CD2: Porte Basse; Genetic Deficit; Un Rosario Profano; Isengard; Muri di Pillole; Denique Caelum.

Personnel: Alberto Mandarini: trumpet, flugelhorn, arrangements, direction; Maurizio Brunod: electric guitar; Giovanni Maier: double bass; Massimo Barbiero: drums, percussion; Laura Conti; voice; Marcella Carboni: harp; Giancarlo Schiaffini: trombone; Carlo Actis Dato: tenor saxophone, baritone clarinet, bass clarinet; String Orchestra: Gianluca Allocco: first violin; Raffaella Azzario: first violin; Costanzo Squadrotti: first violin; Nino Russo: first violin; Fabrizio Dutto: first violin; Gabriele Marchisio: second violin; Isabella Slamig: second violin; Giulietta Testa: second violin; Cecilia Concas: second violin; Mattia Sismonda: viola; Guido Neri: viola; David Mosca: viola; Paola Mosca: cello; Alberto Fabi: cello; Bernardino Gallo: double bass..

1000 Words

Tracks: 1000 Words; Bone Narrow; Ice; Klopgeest; Standpipe; Duo Stukje; Drainpipe; March; Dons; Strobe; Stovepipe; El Norte.

Personnel: Jeb Bishop: trombone, mutes; Jorrit Dijkstra: alto saxophone, mutes.

Der Italienische Manierismus

Tracks: Rosso; Fantozzi Vs. Dalla; Our Position (for Corrado Costa); Sigmund Holmes And Sherlock Freud; Dolce Stilnox; Proust; It Is An Island (for Guiseppe Archiboldi).

Personnel: Alessandro Bosetti: voice, instruments, electronics.

A Color Photo Of A Horse

Tracks: A Color Photo Of A Horse; Beset By Anxiety (for Louise Bourgeois); Dead Bird; Errepikatzen (Gloriously Repeating); Istruzioni.

Personnel: Alessandro Bosetti: voice, electronics; Kenta Nagai: fretless guitar; Ches Smith: drums.

Stand Up Comedy

Tracks: Stand Up Comedy; Life Expectations.

Personnel: Alessandro Bosetti: voice, electronics, mask mirror; Johnny Chang: violin; Chris Heenan: contrabass clarinet.

Soft Focus

Tracks: De Grote Olifant; Soft Focus; The Raft; Miniature 1; White Numbers; Other Lights; Miniature 2; The Siren.

Personnel: Tim Daisy: drums, percussion, marimba; Fred Lonberg-Holm: cello, tenor guitar; James Falzone: clarinet.

Songs In The Key Of Survival

Tracks: ...In Qua Tantum Cacatur; A Storm Blows In From Paradise...; Internal Devaluation (A User's Guide); Ricercare; Everything Is True. Nothing Is Permitted; Engführung (Straitening); Profound Boredom And Rage; Katabasis: ...Si Le Geste Est Beau; Sheikinah; Lines Of Flight, Lines Of Capture; Tikkun.

Personnel: Leo Svirsky: piano, vocals.


Tracks: CO2; Hullun Paperit; Sugar Rush; Hum; Reliever; Goodbye Pork Pie Hat; Space Race; A Day In The Life.

Personnel: Elena Setién: voice, violin; Adam Pultz Melbye: bass; Camilla Barrat-Due: accordion; Marc Lohr: drums, electronics; Otis Sandsjö: saxophones, clarinet; Martin Stender: saxophones,flute; Lars Greve: saxophones, bass clarinet; Tobias Wiklund: trumpet, flugelhorn; Petter Hängsel: trombone; Jonatan Ahlbom: tuba; Markus Pesonen: guitar, lap steel, compositions.

Together Again

Tracks: The Promise; Falling Grace;Split Second; Always And Forever; How My Heart Sings; Softly As A Morning Sunrise; Have You met Miss Jones.

Personnel: Teddy Pantelas: guitar; Michael Grappo: guitar; Jeff Grubbs: bass; Nathan Douds: drums.

Live @ The Ironworks Vancouver

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