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Jonathan Batiste: Staying Human

By Published: January 14, 2013
Still, jazz remains Batiste's primary focus, and his work with the Stay Human Band is a central part of this. The band has plans for a long-term tour starting in October 2013 and continuing through March of 2014, with trips back to New York over that time. "We'll be going all over the United States and going to Europe in the summer as well," says Batiste. "This will be the first time we'll share that vibration with people outside of the New York area."

Batiste and the Stay Human Band will remain busy in New York in the interim. In addition to their Jazz Is NOW! shows, they'll be featured on February 15 at the Cutting Room in Manhattan. "A lot of things are happening around that," says Batiste. "It's the day after Valentine's Day; it's the week of Mardi Gras; it's during Fashion Week; and it's the reopening of the Cutting Room. There will be a lot of people from the fashion world who are going to contribute to it, and then we'll have a special parade—a procession on a surprise route, with all kinds of surprises along the way, celebrating Mardi Gras season in New Orleans."

Even at this early stage in his career, Batiste has made his mark in a remarkably wide range of areas—as an instrumentalist, composer, educator, and band leader. His Stay Human Band is central to his musical identity at the moment. "I want to get as far into my Stay Human sound as I can, continue the whole Stay Human movement, bringing people into the music. It's a very exciting time for me as an artist."

Selected Discography

Jonathan Batiste and the Stay Human Band, MY N.Y. (Naht Jona, 2011)
Jonathan Batiste, The Amazing Jon Batiste! (Jonathan Batiste, 2009)
Jonathan Batiste, In the Night (Jonathan Batiste, 2008)
Jonathan Batiste Trio, Live in New York: At the Rubin Museum of Art (Jonathan Batiste, 2006)
Jonathan Batiste, Times in New Orleans (Jonathan Batiste, 2005)

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All Photos: Herb Scher

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