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Carles Benavent: Jazz, Flamenco and Blues

By Published: January 22, 2013
Future Plans and Projects

Benavent's current projects continue to reflect his wide range of musical interests. "I have three more projects as well as my trio with Roger and Roger. I have another trio, Benavent-di Geraldo-Pardo, with Jorge Pardo, who plays sax and flute, and Tino di Geraldo on drums. We've known each other for a long time. I form part of Lobi, a project of Stéphane Galland, the drummer with the band Aka Moon. It features musicians from different countries: Stéphane from Belgium; Misirli Ahmet, a percussionist from Istanbul; accordionist Petar Ralchev from Bulgaria; and Magic Malik on flute, from from Guadeloupe. Tigran Hamasyan played piano on the album. I also have the Carles Benavent Ensemble with Roger Blàvia on percussion, Joan Sanmarti
Joan Sanmarti
Joan Sanmarti
as guitarist and arranger and a string quartet of two violins, viola and cello."

After a long and very enjoyable lunch, the interview with this talented yet modest musician drew to a close. Benavent's love for his music and for his friends and colleagues had come over incredibly strongly as he talked, but one statement seemed to encapsulate his approach to his career: "I have had good opportunities in my life. I've been a lucky man, but I always try to be prepared so that I can take the chance when it comes."

Selected Discography

Carles Benavent, Un, Dos, Tres ... (bebyne records, 2011)

Carles Benavent, Quartet (bebyne records, 2009)

Carles Benavent and Josemi Carmona, Sumando (Nuevos Medios, 2006)

Chick Corea, The Ultimate Adventure (Stretch Records, 2006)

Carles Benavent, Fénix (Nuevos Medios, 1997)

Miles Davis and Quincy Jones, Miles and Quincy Live At Montreux (Warner Brothers, 1993)

Gil Goldstein, Zebra Coast (Blue Note, 1992)

Camarón de la Isla, Calle Real (Polygram, 1983)

Carles Benavent, Carles Benavent (Nuevos Medios, 1983)

Chick Corea, Touchstone (Stretch Records, 1982)

Paco de Lucia, Sólo Quiero Caminar (Polygram, 1981)

Música Urbana, Música Urbana (Edgisa, 1975)

Máquina!, En Directo (Diábolo, 1972)

Photo Credits
All Photos: Bruce Lindsay

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