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Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day

By Published: December 15, 2012
Obviously, with the right ingredients a chemical reaction happens and the multiple cameras capture every single drop of the band's dynamics. There is an unmistakable telepathy present here that enables this band to strut, sprint, gallop, and shift gears seamlessly like a fine-tuned and dangerous machine. Part of the magic of Led Zeppelin is that its members actually listen to each other while they play. Jason Bonham is as thunderous and propulsive as his dad was on the skins. While he has been a part of every reunion since Atlantic 1988, Bonham Jr. actually once sat in with the band during a sound check for the Knebworth concerts in 1979. Seeing John Paul Jones at work is a reminder how his elegant and powerful playing is a fantastic foil for the others to shine, while Page is all over the stage, playing ferociously, just like in the old days when he turned guitar playing into an athletic discipline. Plant is an unyielding force from start to finish, and though his voice has changed significantly over the years, he doesn't disappoint and always delivers. The video extras include footage from the rehearsal at Shepperton studios and news bulletins about the 2007 reunion concert.

Three decades after its demise, the music of Led Zeppelin is still as popular as it was when the band reigned supreme as the world's greatest musical attraction. Celebration Day is a reminder why Led Zeppelin's music has held a place in peoples' affections for so long. It's a front-seat opportunity to witness the full power and glory of Led Zeppelin in what may be its final live performance.

Tracks: Good Times Bad Times; Ramble On; Black Dog; In My Time of Dying; For Your Life; Trampled Under Foot; Nobody's Fault but Mine; No Quarter; Since I've Been Loving You; Dazed and Confused; Stairway to Heaven; The Song Remains the Same; Misty Mountain Hop; Kashmir; Whole Lotta Love; Rock and Roll.

Personnel: Jimmy Page: guitars; Robert Plant: vocals, harmonica, tambourine; John Paul Jones: bass guitar, keyboards; Jason Bonham: drums.

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