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Marilyn Crispell / Harrison Smith / Eddie Prevost: London, UK, November 7, 2012

By Published: November 28, 2012
Although best known as a founder member of seminal improvising ensemble AMM, Prévost retains his fluency in jazzier settings. He has worked with Crispell previously, recording the duet record Band On The Wall (Matchless, 1994). Even when belaying a polyrhythmic barrage, he was careful not to overpower the pianist, though he was happy to take on the mantle of exuberance, most notably in one powerhouse whirling solo, until he struck a regular cymbal "ker-ching" as the thread leading back into the ensemble improvisation.

Such unforced conversational interplay illuminated the performance, with Smith and Crispell exchanging phrases throughout as touchstones in the flowing streams of consciousness. Together they delivered a spellbinding concert which will persist long in the memory. Recorded for BBC Radio's Jazz on 3, it may yet have wider resonance, as it will be broadcast sometime in 2013.

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All Photos: John Sharpe

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