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Fabrizio Sotti: The Key to Music

By Published: December 25, 2012
AAJ: You played in your trio format and also accompanied Chilean-born jazz vocalist Claudia Acuña—what were those experiences like? And, what were your overall impressions of the festival?

FS: It was the first time I played with these musicians, besides Claudia Acuña, so it was full of good surprises. As for the festival, I think that it's an amazing festival in a paradise-like setting.

AAJ: If you could choose, who would you like to play with and why?

FS: I would love one day to have the chance to play with Keith Jarrett because his music never ceases to inspire me.

AAJ: As a final thought, is there any particular message you would like to share with our readers? FS: Respect music and it will never let you down.

Selected Discography

Cassandra Wilson, Another Country (E1, 2009)

Fabrizio Sotti, Inner Dance (E1, 2010)

Cassandra Wilson, Closer to You: The Pop Sides (Blue Note, 2009)

Cassandra Wilson, Glamoured (Blue Note, 2003)

Fabrizio Sotti, This World Upside Down (BCI-Eclipse, 1999)

Photo Credits

Page 1: Courtesy of Fabrizio Sotti

All Other Photos: Fernando Rodriguez

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