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By Published: November 30, 2012
Anvil is a quartet record with the familiar bandmates trombonist Curtis Hasselbring (New Mellow Edwards), bassist Matt Pavolka, and drummer Vinnie Sperrazza (40twenty). The band plays all Holmes' original music, which is a sly combination of classical Romantic harmonies, film music, free improvisation and chamber rock. The title track bounces between bass and drums before the insistent dialogue between Holmes and Hasselbring force the resolution of conflict. Holmes has buttery chops and the knack for writing compelling music. There's a shy waltz "Magic Mondays," a haunting ballad "Move Like a Ghost" with the trumpeter patiently executing his tale. The interplay between trumpet and trombone here is a symbiotic one. The two dot each other's "I"s and cross "T"s.

An impressive debut for someone that has been here all along.

Tracks and Personnel

Means Of Deliverance

Tracks: Against the Upper House; A Dangerous Road; Ouroboros; Buhala;; 4In Falling Light; Aeon; Epiphaneia; Lightning In the South; Low Country.

Personnel: Bill Laswell: Warwick Alien fretless four-string acoustic bass; Ejigayehu "Gigi" Shibabaw: vocals (track 5).

21 September 2002

Tracks: Side A (1); Side A (2); Side B (1); Side B (2); Bonus Track;

Personnel: Christian Marclay: turntables; Toshio Kajiwara: turntables; DJ Olive: turntables.

"Allelujah! Don't Bend Ascend!

Tracks: Mladic; Their Helicopters' Sing; We Drift Like Worried Fire; Strung Like Lights At Thee Printemps Erable.

Personnel: Thierry Amar: electric bass, contrabasse, cello; David Bryant: electric guitar, dulcimer, portasound, kemence; Bruce Cawdron: drums, vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel, aidan girt, drums; Efrim manuel Menuck: electric guitar, hurdy gurdy; Michael Moya: electric guitar; Mauro Pezzenta: bass guitar; Sophie Trudeau: violin, sk5; Karl Lemieux: 16-mm film projections.


Tracks: Bengt A; Bengt B.

Personnel: Mats Gustafsson: plastic alto saxophone.

Centering And Displacement

Tracks: Centering and Displacemen A; Centering and Displacemen B.

Personnel: Frank Rosaly: drums, percussion, electronics.

Score—The Complete Sextet Works: 2002-2007

Tracks: CD1: Retrace A Walk, Slalom, Olympics, Mimesis, Zs, Bump, Karate, (Untitled), Glyphs, Play. CD2: In My Dream I Shot A Monk, Magnet, Four Systems (Tzadik Edit), Four Systems (Complete Version), Arms, Retrace A Walk (Live), Pendulum, Bump (Live), Slalom (Live), Mimesis (Live), Zs (Live), In My Dream I Shot A Monk (Remix). CD3: B Is For Burning, Woodworking, Nobody Wants To Be Had, Balk, I Can't Concentrate, Except When You Don't Because Sometimes You Won't, Z Is For Zone, Except When You Don't Because Sometimes You Won't (Zebrablood Remix), Bump (Zebrablood Remix). CD4: I Can't Concentrate (Prototype), Tenor Duet, Balk (Prototype), Woodworking Drums (version), Woodworking Drums, For Zs [excerpt] (Live at Paula Cooper Gallery), Fall and Climb, Mimesis (Alternate), Z Is For Zone (Remix)

Personnel: Alex Hoskins: drums; Brad Wentworth: drums; Ian Antonio: drums, Charlie Looker: electric guitar, vocals; Matthew Hough: electric guitar, vocals;  Alex Mincek: tenor saxophone; Sam Hillmer: tenor saxophone

Anvil Of The Lord

Tracks: Doodle For Rhapsody; Magic Mondays; Moving Like A Ghost; Kingston; Otessianek: Anvil of the Lord; Malach Hamovi; Song For Creel Thompson; Nada Vs Armitage.

Personnel: Ben Holmes: trumpet; Curtis Hasselbring: trombone; Matt Pavolka: bass; Vinnie Sperrazza: drums.

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