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The Rolling Stones - 50 Years

By Published: December 1, 2012
The Rolling Stones' 50th anniversary celebration brings another chapter—written only by Horvat, as Glavan was killed in a road accident in 2009. This third part features even more fired-up writing, as Horvat writes even more self-assuredly about numerous details from the 1998 Zagreb concert, along with countless press conferences and reports from various concerts around the globe. He also covers the circumstances surrounding the cancelation of planned concerts in Zagreb and Belgrade in 2003 and, again, in 2006. Added to this is information on various solo projects and concerts by the band members. The book simply spills over with details and information that build up to an almost unbearable tension until the very last page. The book also features photographs by the Stones' official photographer, Brian Rasic, with some of them dating from the 1976 Zagreb performance. The last chapter is dedicated to Keith Richard's autobiography, and gives an account for Rasic's Keith Richards exhibition in Zagreb as part of the book's promotion.

Like the best critics and writers, both Horvat and Glavan are fans of the band they write about. They truly approached this task with their own styles, opinions and attitudes. This book is a great read for anyone interested in this band's history, even though it is primarily directed towards Serbo-Croatian readers.

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