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Yuwen Peng: Putting a Spin on Sizhukong

By Published: December 11, 2012
AAJ: What are your and Sizhukong's plans in the near future?

YP: We'll try to play more abroad. As bandleader, I have to take care of almost every part of the band business: the music, the compositions, the administration and the marketing. Too much! [Laughs.] If I keep doing a new music production every year, as I've done for the last five years, it will take most of my time and energy, which is actually good for me as a musician, but right now there's still a lot I need to do besides the music. I think this is a time when we should organize what we already have. For example, although we are practicing all the time, I feel the band should make some progress in its performance skills. And on the marketing side, we should make a really good press kit. Whenever we have the chance, we should look better and sound better.

Maybe we need to take a year to digest what we have done and then to think what the next step is. Hopefully, we can bring our music to many new countries.

Selected Discography

Sizhukong, Spin (Sony, 2012)
Sizhukong, Paper Eagle (Sizhukong Records, 2009)
Sizhukong, Sizhukong (Sizhukong Records, 2007)

Photo Credit

All Photos: Courtesy of Sizhukong


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