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Jorge Luis Pacheco: Where In The World Is Pacheco?

By Published: December 13, 2012
AAJ: How would you describe your style?

JLP: I have a Cuban style, of course, but I have influences from musicians in other Latin countries so I consolidate. I incorporate many octaves and love to make beautiful melodies.

AAJ: You said, during a New York performance, "My English is not good, but I hope you know what happened here." What were you hoping happened?

JLP: I was hoping that the audience was feeling what I felt. I wanted to transmit my emotion from my music to the people. Some people have said, "You made me cry," and I'd say, "Great," 'cause that's beautiful. That the best present you can give to the audience.

AAJ: When I saw you perform you had a lot of variety. There was a rendition of "Besa Me Mucho," a rap tune in Spanish, a haunting composition from a documentary and so many others. Can you elaborate on your musical choices?

JLP: Well, my rap lyrics are an improvisation so they change every time. The piece for the documentary Breaking Silence (2010) is about the Black Cubans in 1912 wanting independence. The Cuban military intervened, hunting them down like animals. They were completely defenseless and, in one week, they killed three thousand Black people. It's a very sad history. About the other songs, I love to sing and play inside my piano, too, like an extension of myself.

AAJ: What do you want for your future?

JLP: I want to become a more knowledgeable musician. The world is a very fast place now and often you need to play for the money but I want other things to fill my heart. I want to go as far as I can with the music so people will recognize me as a versatile artist. I'd like to sing more with the piano too.

AAJ: Will you move to New York?

JLP: I love Cuba and my family is there. New York is different and I love it there, too. I have two T-shirts. One that says, "I love Cuba," and the other, "I love NY." I'll wear both T-shirts and take the best of both worlds. Other places, too. To play music is to be transported into another dimension and to play music is to transport myself into a state of grace.

Selected Discography

Jorge Luis Pacheco, Pacheco's Blues (Colibri, 2012)

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