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Adam Ant: New York City, NY October 6, 2012

By Published: October 27, 2012
The Posse was indeed lovely, with backup singer Georgina Baillie-who rotated looks when she sporadically left the stage for a song here and there-as well as platinum blonde Yola , who appeared, at least from the waist up, to be wearing a silver sparkly dress as she perched behind one of two drum kits on stage. One bass drum read Adam, the other Ant, with a second drummer manning the other kit, introduced only as "Andy." Rounding out the six-piece band was guitarist Tom Edwardsand bassist Joe Holwegger. The Posse played like a band with a shared history: technically tight and enjoyable to watch on stage.

With minimal banter, Ant was clearly on stage to perform. One of the many highlights from the evening was his performance of a track from his upcoming Adam Ant is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner's Daughter, slated for a release in early 2013. The song, "Vince Taylor," had Ant's trademark feel, like one of his classic hits.

Not one to deprive the audience of his chart topping hits, the band struck all the right notes with crowd favorites including "Stand and Deliver," "Room at the Top," "Strip," "Antmusic," "Kings of the Wild Frontier," "Desperate But Not Serious," and "Goody Two Shoes." "Wonderful" started out with a sparse, acoustic arrangement, growing into a hard-driving full on rock number.

"Here's a song I wrote about Elizabeth Taylor, who passed away last year," Ant recounted, as he led the Posse into a spirited version of "Cleopatra." Asking the enthralled crowd if they like to rock, Ant and the band raised the bar with a seamless version of "Vive Le Rock." Emerging, after a short break, ready for an encore in a T-shirt and vest that showed his ample arm tattoos, Ant thrilled the crowd with "Christian D'or" , the surprise "Bang a Gong (Get it On)" and "Lady/Fall In. "

Any doubts were wiped away as the house lights came up and the packed venue emptied out onto the streets of midtown Manhattan, with Ant's soulful voice still resounding in their heads.

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Adam Ant: Robert Kenney Images

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