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Merzbow Brings The Noise

By Published: October 18, 2012
The lonely task of meditation inside this world slowly becomes an anticipated practice. As I sit, the unfamiliar becomes the routine. Much like the symphorophilia effected characters in J.G. Ballard's classic novel Crash, I begin to associate my mediation with the ferocity that is Merzbow's sound. I can now sit for longer periods of time in these familiar surroundings. Where Ballard's characters are touched by sadomasochism from the violence of a car crash, my mind's concentration is enhanced and fine-tuned. The experience of Merzbient with it's anti-virtuosity, marathon-length tracks, and high decibel harshness is one of focus and evanesce. The ecstasy of the excess.

Much like meditation, Merzbow's output is a journey and not the clichéd destination. My budding meditation practice was invigorated by the 18 LPs included in Merzbient. So much so, that when I found myself recently climbing (by bicycle) the highest peak east of the Mississippi, a pinnacle called Mt. Mitchell, I put to use my Merzbow meditation. Although I was without iPod (thus sound), I was able to get inside my breathing, and Masami Akita's noise was the engine that kept turning over the pedals as I climbed higher. Distractions of pain and rain were but a blip on my radar. I was able to devote myself fully to the task at hand. The voice in my head reminding me that it was cold, wet and the car at the bottom had hot coffee was noted then dismissed. The pure sensation of physical effort, breathing and spinning circles with my pedals was the sole purpose. Focus, concentration, and my path to freedom made possible by way of Merzbow's textured wall of noise.

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