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By Published: October 3, 2012
So there's a parallel to the salsa stuff even though rhythmically it's very different music. But you get a sense that that music could really explode really soon. There's really a potential for growth because the average person is hearing these high-level instrumental groups as pop music. When I first started really studying Latin music, I couldn't believe that normal people could sit around and hear some stuff as out as what Eddie Palmieri was doing in a dance music contest. I couldn't believe that people were enjoying it. If you did those things in other music, people would cringe and leave. But once you really got into the music and you could really see (..) is putting [trumpeter] Woody Shaw
Woody Shaw
Woody Shaw
1944 - 1989
to use in this different way. These guys really could take this information and apply it. I could really see that happening in Banda. I'm trying to put together some kind of Banda collaboration with an established group.

GC: If you had unlimited budget, what would be a dream project?

DB: I'd probably do some stuff with some famous singers. Have different groups behind different singers. I made a record years ago called "Fine Line" and the way that it started was that I was trying to get some famous voices to be on that record. Not because they were famous but because I wanted to work with familiar voices and also singers that meant something to me. At that time we asked Phoebe Snow
Phoebe Snow
Phoebe Snow
1952 - 2011
to be on that record. I really wanted that. I was really happy that I got Cassandra Wilson
Cassandra Wilson
Cassandra Wilson
to sing Stephen Sondheim. But I really want to experiment with different singers because some of the stuff that I've been talking about about studying ornamentation and phrasing and things like an instrumentalist, I always feel like we need to get closer to what the singers are doing, and vice versa. And there's probably some singers that I would like to work with just for a tune or maybe for a whole record, I don't know.

Selected Discography

Don Byron New Gospel Quintet, Love, Peace, and Soul (Savoy, 2011)

Don Byon, Do the Boomerang: The Music of Junior Walker (Blue Note, 2006)

Don Byon/Bang on a Can, A Ballad for Many (Cantaloupe, 2006)

Don Byon, Ivy Divey (Blue Note, 2004)

Don Byon, You Are #6: More Music for Six Musicians (Blue Note, 2001)

Don Byon, Romancing the Unseen (Blue Note, 1999)

Don Byron, Bug Music (Nonesuch, 1995)

Don Byron, Tuskegee Experiments (Elektra/Nonesuch, 1992)

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Don Byron
Don Byron

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