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Big Band Caravan

Bob Mintzer Big Band / Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band / Joe Chambers Moving Pictures Orchestra

By Published: October 7, 2012
Speaking of the lyrics, even though they are central to the purpose, they are, much like the words to many modern songs, employed more for effect than clarity. This is especially true of the raps, which would have to be replayed at a much slower speed to impart any meaning whatsoever. On the other hand, perhaps they are caressing ears that are unready to apprehend their hidden purpose. Turning to the instrumental side, tenor saxophonist R.W. Enoch Jr. wrote seven of the nine numbers and arranged the other two, "Where Is My Mind?" and "Feel Good, Inc." He's also one of several soloists (none of whom is named) along with trombonist Lemar Guillary and trumpet / flugel Eliot Deutsch (who leads his own West Coast big band).

Although the ensemble embodies three trumpets, two trombones and four reeds, it evinces a small-group vibe, perhaps because the vocals are more central to the design than its instrumental component. Guillary is given relatively free reign on the rhythmic "Don't Let It End," on which percussionist Scott Spongberg uses what sound like steel drums to good effect. Elsewhere, the solos are brief but serviceable. As noted, opinions about Go Big or Go Home should vary widely, depending on how conservative or broad-minded the listener may be. Rather than sit in judgment, it is more prudent to emphasize that the music relies heavily on vocals and on rap, and that solos are for the most part insignificant. If that sort of arrangement pleases you, go for it.

Tracks and Personnel

For the Moment

Tracks: Aha; Um Filme; Irrequieto; For All We Know; Berimbau; For the Moment; Recife; Corcovado; Ouro Preto.

Personnel: Bob Mintzer: leader, tenor sax, flute; Steve Hawk: trumpet; Tony Kadleck: trumpet; James Moore: trumpet; Scott Wendholt: trumpet; Lawrence Feldman: alto sax, flute; Mike Tomaro: alto sax, flute; Bob Malach: tenor sax, clarinet; Frank Basile: baritone sax, clarinet; Jay Ashby: trombone; Michael Davis: trombone; Keith O'Quinn: trombone; Max Siegel: bass trombone; Russell Ferrante: piano, keyboards; Marty Ashby: guitar; Chico Pinheiro: guitar, vocals; Lincoln Goines: bass; Peter Erskine: drums; Alex Acuna: percussion (1, 5, 7).


Tracks: Rampage!; Century Plaza; How Can You Face Me?; Valley of the Sun; Freeman's Way; The Golden Rooster; U.M.M.G.; Please Clarify; The Tender Ways of Love; The Rabbit Jumps; Ghost of the Blues; Chasin' the Riff; Jonathan's Way; Dreaming Butterfly; Puggles.

Personnel: Bob Wilber: composer, arranger, clarinet, alto, soprano sax; Paul Cheron: conductor, alto sax, clarinet; Nicolas Gardel: trumpet; Mathieu Haage: trumpet; Jerome Etcheberry: trumpet; Benjamin Fernandez: trumpet; Stephane Lourties: alto sax, clarinet; Francois Penot: tenor sax, clarinet; Stephane Barbier: tenor sax; Gael Pautric: clarinet; Pierre-Andre Cuxac: baritone sax, clarinet, bass clarinet; Olivier Lacherie: trombone; Cyril Dubile: trombone; Sebastien Arruti: trombone; Henri Cheron: guitar; Didier Datcharry: piano; Pierre-Luc Puig: bass; Guillaume Nouaux: drums.

Live at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola

Tracks: Moving Pictures Suite (Prelude: 1st Movement; Irina: 2nd Movement; Ruth: 3rd Movement); Lonesome Lover; Power to the People; Tu-Way-Pock-e-Way; Theme from "M Squad"; Mendacity; Moving Pictures Suite (Clave de Bembe, Part 1: 4th Movement; Clave de Bembe, Part 2: 4th Movement).

Personnel: Joe Chambers: leader, arranger, drums, vibraphone; Frank Greene: trumpet; David Weiss: trumpet; Greg Gisbert: trumpet; Josh Evans: trumpet; Tim Green: alto, soprano sax, flute, clarinet; Sharel Cassity: alto, soprano sax, flute, clarinet; Craig Handy: tenor sax, flute; Sam Dillon: tenor, soprano sax; Frank Basile: baritone sax; Conrad Herwig: trombone; Steve Davis: trombone; James Burton: trombone; Max Siegel: bass trombone; Xavier Davis: piano; Dwayne Burno: bass; Steve Berrios: percussion; Nicole Guiland: vocals (4, 8).

A Different Porgy & Another Bess

Tracks: A Red-Headed Woman; A Woman Is a Sometime Thing; I Love You, Porgy; Buzzard Song; My Man's Gone Now; Oh Lord, I'm on My Way; Clara, Clara, Don't You Be Downhearted; Bess, You Are My Woman Now; Oh, Doctor Jesus; I've Got Plenty o' Nothing; Summertime.

Personnel: David Linx: vocals; Maria Joao: vocals; Frank Vaganee: artistic director, alto, soprano sax, flute. Brussels Jazz Orchestra: Serge Plume: trumpet, flugelhorn; Nico Schepers: trumpet, flugelhorn; Pierre Drevet: trumpet, flugelhorn; Jeroen van Malderen: trumpet, flugelhorn; Dieter Limbourg: alto, soprano sax, clarinet, flute; Kurt van Herck: tenor sax, flute, clarinet; Bart DeFoort: tenor sax, clarinet; Bo van der Werf: baritone sax, bass clarinet; Marc Godfroid: trombone; Lode Mertens: trombone; Ben Fleerakkers: trombone; Laurent Hendrick: bass trombone; Hendrik Braeckman: guitar; Nathalie Loriers: piano, Fender Rhodes; Jos Machtel: bass; Martijn Vink: drums; Chris Joris: congas; Carlo Willems: glockenspiel, tam tam gong.

Go Big or Go Home

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