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Takayuki Kato/ Yasuhiro Yoshigaki/ Kumiko Takara: Tu-Mu-Go #1

By Published: October 19, 2012
Takayuki Kato/ Yasuhiro Yoshigaki/ Kumiko Takara

Tu-Mu-Go #1

Studio Ba-Lu-Lu Ba-Lu


This Japanese trio is comprised by one of the most innovative and inventive guitarists on the Japanese scene, Takayuki Kato, who rarely plays outside Japan; prolific drummer and percussionist Yasuhiro Yoshigaki, leader of his own percussion ensemble, Orquesta Nudge! Nudge!; and member and collaborator of countless other important Japanese bands such as Otomo Yoshihide New Jazz outfits, Shibusashirazu Orchestra, Altered States}and Emergency!, and Yoshigaki's partner, percussionist Kumiko Takara/Massimo Pupillo/Paal Nilssen-Love, who recently collaborated with Norwegian drummer Paal Nillsen-Love and Italian bassist Massimo Pupilo on Raids On The Unspeakable (JVT Landt, 2011).

The DVD was shot live by one steady camera that captures Kato on the right, Yoshigaki on the center and Takara on the right side. This restraint serves the highly inventive and emphatic approach of the trio. From the short verbal introduction it is clear that the trio interaction is immersed in humor and a child-like game approach. On the two long improvisations all three marvel at exploring sounds, all kind of sounds-harmonic, dissonant, noises, atmospheric drones, with orthodox instruments and various toys, construct and deconstruct them into fluid rhythmic textures, enveloped by the singular guitar playing of Kato, who often uses his guitar strings as a percussive instrument. All three burst with immediate, flowing ideas that keeping the busy interplay rich with colors, nuances and sonic surprises. The second improvisation is more relaxed and contemplative than the first one, but still playful and inventive with outbursts of infectious rhythms injected by the restless Yoshigaki.

It is to be hoped that this debut document of this great trio is only the first of many more documents to come.

Tracks: Chant 1; Chant 2.

Personnel: Takayuki Kato: guitar, percussion; Yasuhiro Yoshigaki: percussion; Kumiko Takara: vibraphone, percussion.

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