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Bobby Zankel: Revisiting Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”

By Published: October 10, 2012
Other Projects in the Works

AAJ: One final question, what other projects do you have coming up?

BZ: Lots of interesting things. At the Painted Bride [performance space and gallery in Philadelphia] we're going to have two Sundays—October 21 and November 4 [2012]—where we will perform a section from The Spirit's Break to Freedom, a music/dance/video I produced in collaboration with choreographer Germaine Ingram about the practice of slavery in our nation's first President's House.

Also coming up is a commission to write some music based on the work of the visual artist, John Dowell. I'm writing new music and we'll perform it at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in conjunction with an exhibit of his art work. I spent time with John Dowell in the 1970s. He would make prints and paintings that in his mind were experienced as if they were musical scores! He was a musician as well as a visual artist. He actually had a band I was in that played at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, the Hirschorn Museum, and places like that. Dowell was a self-taught musician, and I'd give him various things to play on the piano. But the Art Museum is going to have an exhibit of his art work. It's part of a big retrospective of the Brandywine Print Club. I'll be performing a composition I'm writing for that occasion.

Selected Discography

Fred Ho / The Green Monster Big Band, Year of the Tiger (Innova, 2011)

Bobby Zankel & The Warriors of the Wonderful Sound, Ceremonies of Forgiveness (Dreambox, 2006)

Tyrone Brown, Between Midnight and Dawn (Dreambox, 2005)

Ruth Naomi Floyd, Fan Into Flame (Contour, 2002)

Bobby Zankel, Transcend & Triumph (CIMP, 2001)

Bobby Zankel, Prayer and Action (CIMP, 1997)

Bobby Zankel, Emerging from the Earth (Cadence, 1995)

Bobby Zankel, Human Flowers (CIMP, 1995)

Photo Credit

Courtesy of Bobby Zankel
Bobby Zankel
Bobby Zankel

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