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Jon Hamar: Hymn (2012)

By Published: September 20, 2012
Jon Hamar: Hymn Track review of "Comes Love"

Origin Arts bassist Jon Hamar effects an intimate trio with alto saxophonist Todd DelGiudice
Todd DelGiudice
Todd DelGiudice
and pianist Geoffrey Keezer
Geoffrey Keezer
Geoffrey Keezer
on Hymn. Heard most recently, prior to this date, on Richard Cole
Richard Cole
Richard Cole
sax, tenor
's Inner Mission (Origin Records, 2007), Hamar's Hymn is heavy on introspective yet muscular originals, as Hamar also chooses some sturdy standards upon which to improvise.

Hamar closes is disc with a swinging reading of Lew Brown's "Comes Love." Keezer rolls his fingers just right in the introduction, preparing the way for Hamar to state the melody down low, with piquant accents by DelGiudice. The song is played as an insinuation. Each instrument is responsible for keeping the others between the lines at different times, and each instrument makes every effort to color outside those lines. Keezer tries to foil Hamar's walking bass, and Hamar hands it right back to him in his solo. DelGiudice takes advantage of the situation, running away in his solo, looking for the spirit of Johnny Hodges
Johnny Hodges
Johnny Hodges
1907 - 1970
sax, alto

Personnel: Jon Hamer: bass; todd DelGiudice: alto saxophone; Geoffrey Keezer: keyboards

Record Label: Origin Records

Style: Modern Jazz

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