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Notes From The Coast

Kevin Brandon: Brandino Is In The House

By Published: September 20, 2012
AAJ: When you are playing live are there any significant differences between jazz, rock, fusion, or blues sets?

KB: It's all music to me.

AAJ: I noticed an old Ford pickup truck in your yard. What is the story behind that?

KB: That's one of my hobbies to complete.

AAJ: I know that a big part of you is interested and involved in giving back to the community and, in particular, helping young kids find their way in life. Can you tell us more about this aspect of your life?

KB: I spend a lot of my time working with a special foundation that helps physically and mentally challenged kids and the under privileged in the inner city. We help them to become functionally self sufficient in society. I spend a lot of time trying to find support for the program and ways to expand what we are doing to other cities. We are online at

AAJ: I also noticed a stack of computers in your garage. What is the story behind that?

KB: The computers were donated to the program but we cannot do much with them until we have a secure building to use them in. It is frustrating having them here and not being able to put them to use.

Selected Discography

Brandino, Midnight Fantasy (N' House Records, 2010)

Brandino, Live (N' House Records, 2010)

Robbie Krieger, Singularity (Oglio, 2010)

Brandino and Friends,Live at Charlie O's Volume 1 (N' House Records, 2008)

The Temptations, Back to Front (New Door, 2007)

Joss Stone, Introducing Joss Stone (Virgin, 2007)

Justin Timberlake, FutureSex/LoveSounds (Jive, 2006)

Stevie Wonder, Conversation Piece (Motown, 1995)

Stanley Turrentine, LA Place (Blue Note, 1989)

Photo Credits

All Photos: Scott Mitchell

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