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A Scumbling Writer: The Process, Mistakes and Lessons

By Published: September 2, 2012
Networking and making new contacts are important as is setting your own style and walking your own road. Some will join you; others not, but always enjoy the journey. Learn, discover, never lose your curiosity and don't be afraid to ask questions. For me, the warmth of free form players has meant I have some great quotes, and because of this, the feedback has been very positive. I think the writers who go the extra mile with musicians gain their respect, and it is to them they will first turn.

My advice is to find the area you love, find the genre which excites you. Work out a theme and schedule for your pieces, email people, forget your ego or being shy, and simply see what responses you get. Always think about your reader and respect them. Genuinely care about your players and contacts. You will, I guarantee it, be pleasantly surprised. Oh, and one final thing—don't forget to keep on the right side of your editors!

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