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Peter Gabriel: What a Difference Two Decades Make

By Published: August 18, 2012
If Gabriel appeared to be stretching (unsuccessfully) to reach some of the higher notes on the Growing Up tour, there's no such problem here. If anything, his voice is better than it's ever been, with the deeper low end that comes with age and, if not quite the upper range that he used to have, then certainly the wisdom to know when to avoid it. For a setting so large, the 45-piece orchestra-driven New Blood: Live in London is refreshingly intimate, with more between-song patter that explains the context for the material. Gabriel makes clear that if he can't do what he did twenty years ago with Secret World Live, what he can do, as he moves into his mid-sixties, is no less compelling—and just as relevant.

Tracks and Personnel

Secret World Live

Tracks: Come Talk to Me; Steam; Across the River; Slow Marimbas; Shaking the Tree; Blood of Eden; San Jacinto; Kiss That Frog; Washing of the Water; Solsbury Hill; Digging in the Dirt; Sledgehammer; Secret World; Don't Give Up; In Your Eyes. Bonus Features: Red Rain; Behind the Scenes; Timelapse; Quiet Steam Gallery; The Rhythm of the Heat (from New Blood (Real World/Eagle Vision, 2012)).

Personnel: Peter Gabriel: vocals, keyboards; Manu Katché: drums; Tony Levin: bass, vocals; David Rhodes: guitar, vocals; Jean Claude Naimro: keyboards, vocals; Shankar: violin, vocals; Levon Minassian: doudouk; Paula Cole: vocals; Papa Wemba and Molokai: special guests (14).

Running Time: Feature: 102 minutes; Red Rain: 6 minutes; Behind the Scenes: 15 minutes; Time Lapse: 3 minutes; Quiet Steam Gallery: 6 minutes; The Rhythm of the Heat: 6 minutes.

New Blood: Live in London

Tracks: Intruder; Wallflower; The Boy in the Bubble; Après Moi; The Drop; Washing of the Water; The Book of Love; Darkness; The Power of the Heart; Biko; San Jacinto; Digging in the Dirt; Signal to Noise; Downside Up; Mercy Street; The Rhythm of the Heat; Blood of Eden; Red Rain; Solsbury Hill; In Your Eyes; Don't Give Up; The Nest That Sailed the Sky. Bonus Features: Blood Donors (documentary/interview).

Personnel: Peter Gabriel: vocals, arranger (1-6, 8-22); Melanie Gabriel: vocals; Ane Brun: vocals; Tom Cawley: vocals; Sevara Nazarkhan: vocals (20); Ben Foster: conductor (1-19, 21, 22); John Metcalfe: musical director, conductor (20), arranger (1-6, 8-12, 14-22), additional brass arrangement (13); orchestration (1-6, 8-12, 14-22) additional orchestration (13); Nick Ingham: arranger (7), orchestration (7, 13); Will Gregory: arranger (13); The New Blood Orchestra.

Running Time: Main Feature: 141 minutes; Blood Donors: 18 minutes.

Photo Credit

Courtesy of Peter Gabriel

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