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Big Band Caravan

James Morrison / Tall & Small / Millennium Jazz Orchestra

By Published: July 12, 2012
Tracks: The Song Is You; Joyous Reunion; Moonlight Serenade; Au Privave; Festival de Ritmo; My Noise; Last Season; Hip-Hop-Otamus; Agent 002; Second Take.

Personnel: Peter Linhart: leader, tenor sax; Ralf Noske: trumpet; Nikolai Schedy: trumpet; Christoph Lewandowski: trumpet; Lothar Kunkel: trumpet; Dominik Loh: trumpet; Markus Lihocky: alto, soprano sax, clarinet; Andreas Wojtanowitsch: alto sax; Wolfram Endemann: tenor sax, flute, clarinet; Wolfgang Hussy: tenor sax; Peter Imhof: baritone sax; Martin Dasch: trombone; Thomas Krause: trombone; Martin Buchert: trombone; Harald Kullman: bass trombone (2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10); Michael Wirz: bass trombone (1, 3, 5, 8); Harald Kern: piano; Jan Sturmer: guitar; Robert Oursin: bass; Jan Wilk: drums; Piesba Supertino: percussion. Special guest artist: Ernie Watts: tenor, alto sax.


Tracks: Go! (Go / Go Slow / Go Fast); There and Back; Beyond the Limit; Dialogue; Swangalang; Rhythm of the Americas (Convergence of English and French / Afro-Caribbean / Jazzical / Confluence).

Personnel: Jazz Ensemble: Miles Osland: director; Andrew McGrannahan: trumpet; Patrick Van Arsdale: trumpet; Jas Lidyard: trumpet; Taylor Foley: trumpet; Taylor Huftaker: trumpet; Doug Drewek, Danny Jackson, Chris Strange, Will Stafford, Joe Carucci: reeds; Brad Keesler: trombone; Josh Dargavell: trombone; Chase Clark: trombone; Colby Norton: bass trombone; Alexandre Ferreira: bass trombone; Byron McChord: piano; Danny Cecil: bass; Paul Deatherage: drums. Wind Ensemble: John Cody Birdwell: conductor; no personnel listed.

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