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Christian Scott: Shining a Light

By Published: June 19, 2012
AAJ: On a lighter note, on the new album, one of the things you are expressing is how you feel about people comparing you with Miles Davis
Miles Davis
Miles Davis
1926 - 1991

CS: Yeah, on "Who They Wish I Was." That one is about me constantly having to navigate comparisons between me and Miles Davis. It sounds like something Miles might have done in the mid-1960s; it's modal, but some of the textural things are more modern. When I'm playing that tune I'm trying to capture the vulnerability of playing the instrument in public. You can hear that in Miles, he's completely willing to be vulnerable to people and place.

AAJ: On Yesterday You Said Tomorrow you played a customized trumpet called Katrina. Please tell us a little about the horns you use on aTunde Adjuah.

CS: The Katrina was made in 2006. On the new album I play three other horns, all of them made in 2011. There's a hybrid of a trumpet, a flugelhorn and a cornet. It's called a siren. There's a smaller version called a sirenette, and another one called a reverse flugel.

The Katrina is a trumpet with the bell tilted up twenty-two degrees and shifted a few centimeters to the left. It looks a bit like Dizzy Gillespie's trumpet, but it works in the exact opposite way. It's harder to play in the upper register, because it has got one less turn in it than Dizzy's, but it makes it a little easier to switch from a whisper to something high and piercing. All of these horns are about extending timbre and texture.

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Stefon Harris
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David Sanchez

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