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Timothy B. Schmit, New York, NY, May 29, 2012

By Published: June 23, 2012
Schmit then announced, "I think its tuba time." The performance of the dancehall inspired "I Don't Mind" featured—what else—tuba, as well as drums, bass and guitar. Schmit then related a story about missing his wife when she was working on a movie in Hawaii. "Ella Jean" was highlighted by Schmidt's harmonica playing and the powerful lyric:

"I don't much like it when you are gone,

Something's wrong when you're gone,

I know you're safe and you won't be long,

But I don't much like it when you're gone,

This big old house isn't quite the same,

When you're not here to call my name,

I know you're right where you belong,

Still I don't much like it when you're gone."

The next three selections were "Downtime," "Secular Praise" and "A Good Day," all from Expando, after which Schmit and his band left the stage.

Within seconds, Schmit was back and ready for more. Announcing that the next song was from The Long Road Out of Eden (Eagles/Polydor, 2007), the performance of "I Don't Want to Hear Anymore" was spot-on. The concert ended with a heartfelt and soulful version of "Love Will Keep Us Alive." All the players then assembled on stage, gave the crowd a bow and a wave, and then headed for the wings.

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All Photos: Christine Connallon

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