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Big Band Caravan

Darmstadter Big Band / Alon Yavnai–NDR Big Band / Red Bank Jazz Orchestra

By Published: June 6, 2012
If there's a downside it lies in the recorded sound, which varies from track to track and doesn't always give the group its due. Strange as it may seem, the numbers recorded in concert are in some respects equal to or better than those recorded in the studio. Aside from that small and easily overlooked blemish, there's really nothing to censure, as the choice of material is splendid and the EIU ensemble rises above every challenge with ease. Well done, scholars.

Tracks and Personnel


Tracks: Artistry in Rhythm; Where or When; Indiana; Decoupage; Works; Malaguena; Django; Live and Let Die; Stella by Starlight; I Remember You; Granada Smoothie; Send in the Clowns; Meet the Flintstones.

Personnel: Peter Linhart: conductor, tenor sax, flute; Ralf Noske: trumpet, flugelhorn; Nils Wallstadt: trumpet, flugelhorn; Alexander Schadt: trumpet, flugelhorn; Nikolai Schedy: trumpet, flugelhorn; Harald Maier: trumpet, flugelhorn; Dieter Bock: alto sax, flute; Alex Jung: alto, tenor sax, flute; Bjorn Grun: tenor, baritone sax, flute; Bodo Christmann: baritone sax, flute; Sven Adelberger: trombone; Peter Hergert: trombone; Dennis Ohletz: trombone; Jorg Stahlmann: bass trombone; Chris Perschke: bass trombone; Steffen Stutz: piano; Axel Muller-Schroth: guitar; Udo Brenner: bass; Jens Biehl: drums. Special guest artist—Herb Geller: alto sax.

Shir Ahava

Tracks: Shir Ahava; Travel Notes; Au Castagney; Bitter Roots; Zriha; Ilha b'nit; Sof.

Personnel: Alon Yavnai: composer, arranger, piano; Thorsten Benkenstein: trumpet; Ingolf Burkhardt: trumpet; Michael Leuschner: trumpet; Reiner Winterschladen: trumpet; Fiete Felsch: alto sax, flute, alto flute; Peter Bolte: alto sax, flute; Lutz Buchner: tenor, soprano sax, clarinet; Christoph Lauer: tenor sax; Frank Delle: baritone sax; Dan Gottshall: trombone; Klaus Heidenreich: trombone; Stefan Lottermann: trombone; Ingo Lahme: bass trombone; Sandra Hempel: guitar; Ingmar Heller: bass; Ziv Ravitz: drums; Marcio Doctor: percussion.

Strike Up the Band!

Tracks: Strike Up the Band; Such Sweet Thunder; The Mooche; After You've Gone; Moanin'; Baby Won't You Please Come Home; Smile; I Believe in You; The Kid from Red Bank; Us; I'll Never Smile Again; Come Fly with Me; One O'Clock Jump.

Personnel: Joe Muccioli: conductor; Bob Millikan: trumpet; Brian Pareschi: trumpet; Shawn Edmonds: trumpet; Irv Grossman: trumpet; Dave Trigg: trumpet (1, 2, 12); Joe Scannella: trumpet (1, 2, 12); Andy Farber: alto sax, flute, clarinet; Bruce Williams: alto, soprano sax, alto flute, clarinet; Dan Block: tenor sax, flute, clarinet; Marc Phaneuf: tenor sax, flute, clarinet; Kurt Bachur: batitone sax, flute, clarinet, English horn; Wayne Goodman: trombone; Dion Tucker: trombone; Bruce Eidem: trombone; Jack Schatz: trombone; Steve Ashe: piano; James Chirillo: guitar, banjo (3, 4); Tony Micelli: vibraphone (8, 12); Bill Moring: bass; Mike Nigro: drums (1, 2, 7, 12); Steve Johns: drums (3-6, 8-11, 13). Special guests—Champian Fulton: vocal (4); Tony DeSare: vocal (8); Joe Piscopo: vocal (12).

Wie Heisst der Typ?

Tracks: Waldemar; I Wish You All the Luck in the World; Three and One; Us; Moondance; Abschied; Quen; Modalitat; Dimwit; You Are So Beautiful.

Personnel: Harald Ruschenbaum: conductor; Johannes Schneider: trumpet; Johannes Stange: trumpet; Andreas Schnell: trumpet; Benedikt Schaut: trumpet; Stefan Kreminski: trumpet; Daniel Klingl, Bettina Maier, Martin Seiler, Sebastian Wehle, Florian Leuschner: reeds; Lukas Jochner: trombone; Christoph Horn: trombone; Simon Kintopp: trombone; Roman Sladek: trombone; Stephan Plecher: piano; Severin Krieger: piano; Alex Eckert: guitar; Felix Prihoda: vibraphone; Tom Berkmann: bass; Silvan Strauss: drums; Lydia Schiller: vocals.

Three O'Clock Downbeat

Tracks: Big Mama Louise; The Balance; Take the "A" Train; Star-Crossed Lovers; Nefertiti; In Your Own Sweet Way; Sole Stains (Shadow of the Arch); Makin' Whoopee; Invitation; Naima; St. Louis Blues.

Personnel: Sam Fagaly: director. Tracks 1, 2, 5-8—Garrett Schmidt: trumpet; Jay Keliher: trumpet; Chris Jones: trumpet; Nick Grill: trumpet; Nick Schulze: trumpet; Joshua Marcus, Dan Matthews, Mike Black, Kyle Muskopf, Lauren Meek: reeds; James Stanford: trombone; Mark Rheaume: trombone; Blake Ozier: trombone; Michael Pond-Jones: bass trombone; Olivier David: piano; Stephen Kaiser: guitar; Jesse Farrar: bass; Joe Burress: drums, percussion. Ben Hall: drums (1). Tracks 3, 4, 9, 11—Justin Regnier: trumpet, for Schulze; Tony Wong: saxophone, for Meek; add Ben Hall: percussion. Track 10—Ashley Tarr: trumpet, for Jones; Scott Clements: trombone; Matt Meehan: trombone; Justin Hunt: trombone, for Stanford, Rheaume, Ozier; Justin DeAngelo: piano, for David.

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