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Jazz in the Aquarian Age

Herbie Mann: An Amalgamation of Everything

By Published: May 22, 2012
It also was logical to me when I was the first to record Chick Corea and Roy Ayers
Roy Ayers
Roy Ayers
and Miroslav. I knew that they were going to be immensely successful people. I feel the same way with Ricardo Silveira, my guitarist now; he's gonna be very successful. It's weird to say this, but I have this feeling that he could be as successful as Peter Frampton in his way.

As far as where it's all going right at this point, there's going to be an amalgamation of everything. But I'll tell you right now—if Barry Gibb called me up tomorrow and said he wanted to produce me, I would be there. Because that's how talented a jazz musician he is. Just as Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder
is. Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder
, and Barry Gibb—they are the top at this point. And I'd go work for any of them as a sideman.

Who knows, I may end up going to Brazil. I really don't know. There are a lot of things I want to do. This is the best band I've ever had. The idea of having two bass players is very interesting to me. I'm the perennial optimist. I always feel that the current band is the best, and I've always felt that I have all the tools to be the biggest improviser and jazz musician in history. If it'll ever happen, I don't know, but that's how optimistic I am.

[Adapted from an article originally published in the Aquarian Weekly, September 20-27, 1978.]

[Herbie Mann continued working in a contemporary Brazilian vein through the '80s with his band, Jasil Brazz and America/Brazil from the '90s is an especially notable later recording. Beyond Brooklyn, Mann's last recording, was released in 2004, a year after he died, and brought him back to a solid jazz setting, teaming him up with bebop master Phil Woods
Phil Woods
Phil Woods
sax, alto

Selected Discography

Herbie Mann / Phil Woods, Beyond Brooklyn (MCG Jazz, 2004)
Herbie Mann, 65th Birthday Celebration (Lightyear, 1997)
Herbie Mann, America/Brasil (Lightyear, 1997)
Herbie Mann, Peace Pieces (Lightyear, 1995)
Jay McShann, Big Apple Bash (Atlantic, 1979)
Herbie Mann, Hold On, I'm Coming (Atlantic, 1972)
Herbie Mann, Push Push (Atlantic, 1971)
Herbie Mann, Stone Flute (Atlantic, 1970)
Herbie Mann, Memphis Underground (Atlantic, 1969)
Herbie Mann, Live at the Whiskey A Go Go (Atlantic, 1968)
Herbie Mann, Mann: Concerto Grosso in D Blues (Atlantic, 1968)
Herbie Mann, Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty (Atlantic, 1967)
Herbie Mann, The Wailing Dervishes (Atlantic, 1967)
Herbie Mann, Do the Bossa Nova with Herbie Mann (Atlantic, 1963)
Herbie Mann, Live at Newport (Atlantic, 1963)
Herbie Mann and the Bill Evans Trio, Nirvana (Atlantic, 1962)
Herbie Mann, At the Village Gate (Atlantic, 1961)
Herbie Mann, The Common Ground (Atlantic, 1961)
Herbie Mann, Flute, Brass, Vibes and Percussion (Verve, 1960)
Herbie Mann, Great Ideas of Western Mann (Riverside, 1957)
Herbie Mann, Yardbird Suite (Savoy, 1957)
Herbie Man / Bobby Jaspar, Flute Flight (Prestige, 1957)
Herbie Mann / Sam Most, Herbie Mann-Sam Most Quintet (Bethlehem, 1955)
Sarah Vaughan, Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown (Emarcy, 1954)
Herbie Mann, Herbie Mann Plays (Bethlehem, 1954)

Photo Credits

Page 1: Courtesy of Atlantic Records
Pages 2, 6: Tom Marcello
Page 3-4: Courtesy of Sutton Artists Corporation
Page 5: Courtesy of A&M Records

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