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Adam Cruz: Making Some Room

By Published: May 7, 2012
But Milestone succeeded in stoking the fire for this remarkable drummer. "I'm excited. It feels like it's time. I turned 40 around the time that I was making it. I'm 42 now. It feels direct, like it's an environment I need to further explore [about] my identity. It's not that the drums aren't enough; it's just that I feel there's some identity to learn about in my character and my artistic process to writing and leading as well. So I'm glad I managed to get it going. And I'll try to keep doing the work."

Selected Discography

Adam Cruz, Milestone (Sunnyside, 2011)

Danilo Pérez, Providencia (Mack Avenue, 2010)

David Sánchez, Cultural Survival (Concord, 2008)

Chris Potter, Song for Anyone (Sunnyside, 2007)

Ed Simon, Simplicitas (Criss Cross, 2005)

Danilo Pérez, Till Then (Verve, 2003)

Steve Wilson, Soulful Song (MAXJAZZ, 2003)

Tom Harrell, Paradise (RCA, 2001)

Chick Corea and Origin, A Week at The Blue Note (Stretch, 1998)

Mingus Big Band, Gunslingin' Bird (Dreyfus, 1995)

Photo Credits

Pages 1, 3: Steven Sussman

Page 2: Dave Kaufman

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