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On and Off the Grid

Anthony and Me

By Published: April 26, 2012
The next day after meeting Jon for breakfast. Anthony picked us up and off we went. We followed the same procedure as the day before and started recording around 12 PM. I was amazed. Could this possibly be better than yesterday? The truth is, that when I'm in it, the only thing I can think, feel and hear is the music. But it felt great. Again an hour break and we resumed recording. At the end of the very last note, I was both exhilarated and exhausted. Anthony was too. How many times in a musical career are there experiences like this?

Anthony drove us to the train station. We profusely thanked each other and said goodbye. On the way home Jon and I hardly spoke. I was thrilled and sleepy. I thanked Jon for giving me one of greatest experiences of my life. Jon said he would send me the unmixed CDs but he got so much into it, he mixed and mastered all four in a month.

Four hours is a lot of music to listen to. I couldn't do that in one sitting. I listened to each one, one at a time, over a three-week period. I was thrilled that Jon got my sound and his mastering was great! Anthony felt the same way. We were like kids with a new toy. How do you explain this to a layman? It's impossible. The thousands of hours we spend practicing and developing we could have been brain surgeons a hundred times over, but there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishing and baring your soul and being proud of it.

Now, a year later, the Russian Solyd label has picked up the recording. They plan to release two records at a time. The first double-disc set will be out later this year and the next set will come out about a year later.

There is so much in my life that I am grateful for and this is on the top of my list. One thing I know for sure, I have a new friend for life and that is something!

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Page 1, Anthony Braxton: Courtesy of Anthony Braxton
Anthony Braxton
Anthony Braxton

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