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Matthew Zachary: The Underlying Theme

By Published: October 1, 2003

In 2001, Matthew Zachary released his second album, ...every Step of the Way. It is a continuation of Matt’s catharsis and it helped to focus him on a longer-term goal: gaining recognition as a legitimate artist within the music industry — something that Zachary admits is a tough sell.

Matt Zachary believes he has spent enough time contemplating cancer. On July 10, 2003, Zachary celebrated seven-and-a-half years of remission from the day that doctors told him he might not survive. He wants to move forward – musically, personally and socially – and put his cancer experience in a subservient place. Matt's forthcoming record will conclude his trilogy through suffering, survival and redemption.

Absolving Destiny has already been titled although none of the music for it has yet been recorded. Matt is already writing songs with new instrumentation, ideas that reflect his expanded outlook. The album comes with a message from Matthew Zachary: “I forgive life for doing this to me. I am absolving destiny for sealing my fate. This album is a trinity.”

In this case, cover art tells us how Matt Zachary has emerged into a less stressed, more cognizant perspective. Scribblings pictures an imaginary piano; ...every Step of the Way portrays piano keys as symbols of measurable progress; Absolving Destiny bathes us in the contrasting optimism of white – a visual depiction of the joy that appears to have enveloped Matthew Zachary’s nature.

If that is true, one might be compelled to ask: is there a way to understand cancer and what it does to our lives?

Matthew Zachary paused.

“I don’t think there’s a need to understand it. You shouldn’t have to understand it from the ‘going through it’ perspective. It’s almost to your benefit to not understand it. You don’t know what the answer is. You just have to be a support structure...”

Matthew Zachary Discography:
Scribblings , 1998 (Mission Possible Music)
Every Step of the Way, 2001 (Mission Possible Music)

Web Site:

Gregory J. Robb dedicates this article to the loving memory of his aunt, Elizabeth LaBonte, who died of lung cancer on June 30, 2003.

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