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Catching Up With

Catching Up With Gary Husband

By Published: March 30, 2012
AAJ: You like chucking yourself into these projects though, don't you?

GH: [Laughs] Yes, I do. But also I feel it's the only way. I work very instinctively. I thankfully come into contact with ideas by simply just kind of listening and tuning in, as they say. I trust that process and like to stay pretty true to the original aspiration or intent in what comes about. That method I find most honest.

Selected Discography

Gary Husband, Dirty & Beautiful Vol 2 (Abstract Logix, 2012)
John McLaughlin & the 4th Dimension, To the One (Abstract Logix, 2010)
Gary Husband's Drive, Hotwired (Abstract Logix, 2009)
Asaf Sirkis Trio, The Monk (SAM, 2008)
Gary Husband, The Complete Diary of a Plastic Box (Angel Air Records, 2008)
John McLaughlin, Industrial Zen (Verve Fontana, 2006)
Gary Husband, A Meeting of Spirits: Interpretations of the Music of John McLaughlin (Alternity, 2006)
Gary Husband, The Things I See: Interpretations of the Music of Allan Holdsworth (Angel Air, 2001)

Photo Credits
Page 1: Naoju Nakamura

Page 2: Ina McLaughlin

Page 3: John Kelman

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