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Nikki Iles: Meditation and Collaboration

By Published: April 2, 2012
The Stan Sulzmann Big Band and the Karen Sharp
Karen Sharp
Karen Sharp
Quartet are also benefiting from Iles' piano skills. Domestic life doesn't stop for Iles and Churchill either. "We've just moved house, so that's still taking up a lot of our time." As for the next album with Iles' name on the front, that might still be some way off, but the pianist is appropriately sanguine about the prospect. "It'll probably take me 10 years to do another album of my own. But that's fine."

Selected Discography

Nikki Iles/Rufus Reid/Jeff Williams, Hush (Basho Records, 2012)

Secret Quartet, Bloor Street (Edition Records, 2010)

Tina May, I Never Told You (33 Jazz, 2009)

Mike Walker, Madness And The Whole Thing There (Hidden Idiom, 2008)

Nikki Iles,
Everything I Love (Basho Records, 2004)

Tina May, Nikki Iles, Tony Coe, More Than You Know (33 Jazz, 2004)

Nikki Iles Quintet, Veils (Symbol Records, 2002)

Foolish Hearts, Snap (Room4Music, 1997)

Martin Speake and Nikki Iles, The Tan T'ien (FMR, 1997)

Anthony Braxton with the Creative Jazz Orchestra, Composition No. 175 & Composition No. 126: Trillium-Dialogues M (Leo Records, 1997)

Stan Sulzmann and Nikki Iles, Treasure Trove (ASC, 1996)

Photo Credits
Page 1, Rufus Reid: John Abbott
All Other Photos: Drew Gardner

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