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Great Jazz Deserves To Be Heard And Seen At It's Best

By Published: March 4, 2012
This is one of the reasons that I have decided to move forward on a "take down" request of poor quality "Jazz Casual" clips that litter the internet. It is NOT to keep them from audiences. The best quality, artist-funding versions ARE available, sometimes by simply going to your public library. But the musicians and the audiences deserve better than the ragged scraps generated by thieves and unscrupulous businesses on the internet.

So I submit this explanation so that the purpose of the "take down" notices of bootlegged "Jazz Casual" clips is clear. It's simply not fair to the artists or jazz fans to suffer the anonymous opportunists who are savaging our culture on YouTube. PLEASE enjoy the music the way it was intended. It's available, it's important, and it must not be stolen as a tool to sell second-class unrelated products.

Anyone who wishes to contact me regarding the take down notice may do so at

Toby Gleason

Jazz Casual Productions, Inc.

Oakland, CA

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