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Whitney Houston: A Final Look

By Published: March 11, 2012
Houston was poetry in motion, a mournful sparrow with the enchanting soul of a sweet gentle spirit. She was beautiful and mysterious and created from her own unique musical universe. She had an awareness that was extraordinary and was able to perceive the deepest levels of love, pain and anguish and cared deeply for others regardless of age, ethnicity or cultural differences. She created hope for many but her sorrow never allowed her to escape a dark and lonely cave. Outside of performing; helping others was the only place where she found peace and joy and it would free her from the insecurities that enslaved her. In the end, she gave what was perhaps her greatest gift of all—she gave us her life so that we could live.

She is finally free now, free from the shackles of despair and the emotional chains that ravaged her soul. We should be joyous as she begins her graceful journey home. For Houston, the screaming has finally come to an end.

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